A full Saturday.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Got quite a bit accomplished today which made me feel pretty good.

First of all, that Blueberry Crumb Cake was AWESOME!  We both really could not stop saying “yummm” while we were eating it…definitely a keeper.

Our morning walk felt like we were walking through rain it was so humid.  I cannot wait for the crisp, cool, fall weather.

We had to hurry and eat because we dropped off some flourescent lightbulbs, gas, and oil at our city’s annual hazardous waste drop off.  It was actually quite easy…in and out, very well-organized.

Once we got back I got my grocery list together and headed out.  A couple of hours later, I was back.  As a side note, I’m getting REALLY tired of all the hassle of shopping at Stop and Shop.  Today’s issue:  I was having problems with the self checkout (it wasn’t recognizing my order from the scanner).  The associate who was helping with those lanes came over to help and got it to work.  Then she asked if I wanted her to do the coupons as well and I said “yes!” since I usually run into issues with them.   Well, she was having problems getting them to scan as well.  But finally it was all set and I paid and just before I left I decided to look over my receipt…good thing I did!  Turns out one of the coupons that was $1.50 off of Sabra Salsa had actually scanned in two orders of Sabra Guacamole (must have had a bar code on the back of the coupon!).  So off to the service desk I go where it took me explaining the issue to two different sales people before I got my money back ($9 thank you very much!).  Meanwhile, I have ice cream melting in my cart and I am fuming inside!

(it makes for a good story now, but boy was I aggravated at the time)

Lunch was simple…cheese quesadillas with sour cream and salsa, raspberries for dessert.

Afternoon activities…dishes, stretching my foot, knitting, changing over bed sheets and washing the old ones, showering, more knitting and eventually getting dinner together.

A new recipe for dinner…Southwestern Salads (not really a recipe per se, more like an artful arrangement of food!)…

…a bed of romaine lettuce

…1/2 cup cooked corn

….1/2 can black beans, cooked with some cumin and lime juice, salted

…diced red onion

…shredded sharp cheddar cheese

…diced tomatoes (fresh from our garden!)

…tortilla shells baked and crumbled on top

…dressing (ranch dressing mixed with lime juice and a bit of taco seasoning)

Definitely a keeper!

That’s two new recipes this month…I’m on a roll.

We watched a Beat Bobby Flay while eating dessert (leftover ice cream from yesterday.,..Strawberry Shortcake for Kimm, Toffee Coffee Heath Bar Crunch for me).

After dinner there was more stretching, icing of the foot, more knitting, reading blogs, writing this blog.

And of course I’ll end the night with popcorn and Gilmore Girls.

I’m already looking forward to bed…my eyes are burning!

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