I’m back.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It feels odd to be writing here again.  And especially odd to be starting on an “odd” day of the month, meaning, I didn’t start writing on September 1st.  Part of me WANTS it to start on the 1st because then it is fresh and brand-new.  Of course, another part of me says, “Kaye, you really ARE a little anal.”

In the end, since nothing is every perfect, I feel perfectly okay starting back my writing on this, the second day of September.

I feel like so much and also so little has happened since I last wrote.

Winter ended, spring (what little we had) started and ended.  Summer has also reached its end and in a way it’s a little sad.  I always get a little sad at the end of a season, even though it is quickly chased away by the exciting thoughts of a new season…and my favorite one at that!

Welcome September!  I LOVE fall and cannot wait to dive right in.

We’re currently in the middle of a heat wave, an Indian summer if you will.  The heat lies heavy around you when you venture outside, the AC deliciously cools when you step inside.

We celebrated Labor Day yesterday with Kimm’s parents and had a little cook out.  Lots of yummy food…veggie burgers with cheese and fried onions, homemade potato salad and deviled eggs (courtesy of Kimm’s mom), baked beans, potato chips and dip (LOVE those salty tastes), and some miniature Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups and Peanut Butter M&M’s (also LOVE those sweet bites!)

After cleaning up Kimm’s mom and I made s’mores (THE BEST!) and also treated ourselves to some Pistachio Fluff and homemade Rice Crispy bars (I made those).

I must have gone into a sugar high because I promptly fell asleep while everyone else enjoyed “Thank You For Smoking” (now I’ll have to watch it by myself!)

Climbing into our bed was the perfect ending to the night.

Today felt so different…I have so much I want to accomplish and as always, I feel like I have just not enough time to get it all done.

We had a finance meeting and were lucky enough to save close to $1000 this month.  Which is good because we have to get the driveway re-surfaced so that means calling for quotes.  That’s number one on the list to do.  And since I am in the middle of switching banks, I have a lot of switching online bank info to do this month.  Also on the list.

I’ve got to hurry up with my first knitting project (a baby blanket for one of the many pregnant ladies at work)…she’s due this week!  Then I’ll have to start the next knitting project…add that to the list.

I also want to get some bike rides in, lose 4 pounds, reduce the amount of food items in the fridge and cupboards, read a ton of books, plan for our September vacation, do some filing and organizing (ALWAYS), try some new recipes, and probably about 10 more things that I can’t think of right now.

And on top of it all, I want to feel more happy.

Right now I feel like I’m taking on the weight of the world.  I have to realize that I CAN’T MAKE ANYONE ELSE HAPPY…ONLY ME.

This is something I will be repeating often to myself this month.

So again, welcome September.  Bring it…I’m ready and excited for the challenge!

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