Catching up…{12/24-12/29}

Sunday, December 29, 2013

*This was my holiday on…which meant working Christmas Eve into Christmas Day.  Normally this would kind of bum me out, but that was back when I worked 7p-7a.  Now that I don’t have to go into work until 11pm…it opens up a whole bunch more time.  I spent Christmas Eve watching Christmas movies with Kimm and her brother (“Mickey’s Christmas Special,” “Sesame Street Christmas Special,” the Christmas episode of Will and Grace (with The Nutcracker), and “The Grinch”).  It was a lot of fun!

*Work on Christmas Eve was not that bad.  There is always a nice feeling about working the holiday…a comraderie with your fellow workers who are also anxiously awaiting going home to loved ones.  Everyone just feels a little bit nicer 🙂  I prepared a plate of Christmas candy for every unit in the hospital which I delivered on my rounds!

*Christmas morning I got home and had a nice “Merry Christmas” phone call from my mom.  Then I had a very delicious bagel with my cup of coffee before heading to bed.

*We headed over to Kimm’s parent’s house about 5 pm.  A yummy Christmas dinner (mashed potatoes, stuffing, broccoli casserole, carrots, cranberries, crescent rolls, wine).  After eating, Kimm, her brother and her mom did the dishes while her dad and I retired to the living room…we both got sucked in to a Hallmark Christmas movie 🙂  After the dishes were done (2 hours later!  — Kimm’s brother is VERY particular about getting the dishes clean!) we opened stockings and gifts.  We were all blessed with more than we needed but the best part was just being with family.  Of course Christmas is always a bit bittersweet for me because I am so far away from my own family…

*Christmas was a late night for us…we didn’t get home until after 1 am!  This old lady was very tired 🙂

*We slept in on the day after Christmas and then lazily enjoyed “our” Christmas!  Bagels and coffee again and then stockings and gifts.  Again….so blessed.  But the best gifts of Christmas were the smiles I saw and the laughter I heard…

*We spent the remainder of “our” Christmas just relaxing…which was SO nice.  We watched “A Christmas Story” (classic!), ate appetizers (crescent rolls stuffed with cheese, pizza rolls) and dozed off a bit too.  The PERFECT day 🙂

*I was so happy to be able to take a holiday day after Christmas which extended my days off to FOUR!  That is pretty much unheard of considering now I generally get no more than two days off in a row.  It was glorious.  First of all I was able to catch up on some much-needed sleep and that just made me so energetic and ambitious.  Not to mention, there is always something so invigorating about the start of a new year.  I just felt like cleaning and organizing 🙂

*Kimm and I treated ourselves to iPod nanos as our “big” Christmas gifts to each other…she got blue and I got green.  Can’t wait to load up the music!

*It was back to work on Sunday night but I honestly didn’t mind.  Like I said, feeling well rested totally changed my perspective and made me realize how important sleep is to me.  It will definitely be a goal of mine this upcoming year to focus on getting enough sleep!

*I’m anxious to finalize my New Year’s Resolutions!

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