Catching up…(12/8-12/23)

Monday, December 23, 2013

*Trying my very hardest to relax a bit this holiday season…so far I think I’m doing pretty good!

*All of Kimm’s Christmas gifts are bought!

*Christmas movies are being watched…”Little Women,” “The Holiday,” “Christmas Story,” “The Santa Clause,” “Rudolph,” “Miracle on 34th Street,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “White Christmas,” “The Christmas Blessing.”  I just LOVE watching Christmas movies 🙂

*Christmas cards got mailed on Tuesday the 10th!  Not too bad.

*Stocking stuff bought!

*Our roof vents and plumbing stacks got re-sealed.  Supposedly they were never done right (as told to us by the guy who cleared our gutters this year) and can let in a lot of rain…Kimm was looking back at our home inspection and sure enough, the guy who had inspected it had also mentioned it…too bad we never got it done before moving in…well, better late than never.

*The 12th was our FIVE year anniversary of buying the house…WOW.

*The 13th was our FIVE year anniversary of moving into the house…crazy how fast time goes by.

*We went to a cookie exchange this year!  I made my Sugar Coconut Raspberry Thumprint Cookies (with White Chocolate Glaze!).   It was fun…Kimm thought that our cookies were the best 🙂  I had a good time…probably drinking a full bottle of wine helped!

*We FINALLY made it to the Captain Charles Leonard House!  They had an open house where “Captain Leonard” told a little about the history of the house…it was cool.   We sat at a table with two older ladies…one of them happened to live on our street…small world!

*We’ve had a couple of snow storms.  I haven’t minded the shoveling.  There is something very peaceful about being outside in the still after a snow storm and just shoveling.   Thankfully both times it snowed I wasn’t at work…that is never much fun.

*Survivor is done now too.  Great show this season.  Can’t wait for the next one already.

*It took Kimm and I all day to make the Christmas candy.  Very tiring!

*We delivered the candy the next day and that was a task as well…over 5 hours!  We are re-considering what we do for candy and who we give it to next year.

*The wrapping is done too!

*Christmas is in TWO days!!!

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