Catching up…(11/29-12/7)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

*Here we are…December already!  And I know it is going to FLY by.  Seriously, I think that December is the fastest month of the whole year.

*We got our Christmas tree!  The day after Thanksgiving! We picked out a Frasier fir again this year and it is beautiful 🙂  It gave us a little bit of trouble getting it into the base of the tree stand, but don’t worry, we won!  It took a lot of energy so thank goodness we ordered out pizza that night.  We are smart about that.

*We spent the next two days getting our house Christmas-fied!  Silly us, we thought we could do it all in one day.  Hmm…I’m thinking that we have so much Christmas stuff that we need to plan TWO days to get it all done.  Part of the reason it took so much longer is because now, along with the one big tree, we also have three smaller trees that get dolled up too!  However, it was worth the wait…I love our home at Christmas time!  (pics to come)

*We’ve started watching our Christmas movies…so far we’ve seen…”Alvin and the Chipmunks” and “Christmas with the Kranks” (a TRUE classic…SO FUNNY).

*We finally got our Christmas lists done…nothing like waiting til the last minute!

*This was a VERY busy week with work.  In addition to my regularly scheduled hours, I worked an extra night because the other night supervisor was out sick.  Oh this was so hard.  I really didn’t want to have to go in, but I was really the only other person who could.  It meant working four in a row (ugh), with only one off, then back on again for two.  Just meant not much time with Kimm and that I was pretty much tired all week long.

*Kimm and I did manage to get out and see a movie at the Agawam Theater…Enough Said — I liked it!

*The Christmas cards are pretty much all done.  Okay, let me re-phrase that…they are all addressed, many of them have their message written inside…there are still a pile that I will be taking to work with me to finish writing the messages inside…the goal–mailed by Monday.

*We made it to the Christmas Tree party at our friend’s house this year.  Even though I had to work that night we headed over early at 5 pm and were out before 8 pm.  Funny story about that party…so whenever we go to parties we know there is usually not much food that we can eat.  But at this party we were able to eat some fresh bread with dill dip (awesome) and what I thought was mozzarella sticks (HA…turns out that they were chicken sticks).  However, I think I had a little too much to imbibe and just thought that they tasted like a weird mozzarella stick!  So now when people ask me how long I’ve been a vegetarian…what should I answer?!   Oh and they had a ton of cake pops…first time having one….I tried one with coconut…it was pretty good!

*I’m going to be SO happy to have two days off in a row this next week!

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