Get rid of it.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

WHY is it so hard to get rid of junk from your past??? I’m so tired of going through the SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER…yet I still can’t always make the break 😦

Regardless, I have been on an organizing/purging streak again…every night after dinner I try to do about an hour…and that’s enough because then I start to get overwhelmed and doubting what I’m getting rid of.

I have a TON of nursing stuff to go through and I’m completely not looking forward to it.

I just keep trying to ask myself…”have I used this?,” “WILL I use this?”

All I can do is just keep plodding on.  I have to say though…the empty spaces I create when there is less clutter make me very happy…

Last night on tonight…I’m feeling a little runny nose coming on so I’ll have to rest a lot my days off.  I’m surprised I haven’t gotten sicker sooner…so many people are fighting a bug right now.

**TODAY is the day we finally put our heat on…62 when I came home this morning!  A bit chilly!

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