Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I truly do not understand why so many people are so self-absorbed and mean.

Two good examples today…

My morning plan was to go grocery shopping.

At my first store it was packed…SO busy.  I can understand this, but STILL.  Have some respect for the people around you.  I ran into several people that cut me off getting to something and many others that stopped with their cart in the middle of the aisle, blocking anyone else from getting by.  SO frustrating.

Then at my second store, I managed to get through fairly quickly but then when I was checking out (at the self checkout lane), I was having a problem with one coupon…the machine was not reading it.  Well, the guy behind me said, “you have to put the coupon in that little slot” (meanly as if I was stupid and didn’t know that) and physically came up to me to show me the slot.  I told him, “the machine is not taking the coupon, I’ll have to wait for assistance” and then he proceeded to say, “is it a valid coupon?” (as if it was not!) and I said, “yes it’s a valid coupon, these machines just occasionally have problems” AND THEN he proceeded to say, under his breath, but I could still hear him, “or the person” (meaning I was the one with the problem).  I was STEAMING at this point but I think I was just shocked that he was so rude I didn’t even respond.  Thankfully the clerk came over, helped me with the coupon and I was able to leave, but I was mad the entire way home.   A perfect stranger…acting so rude.

It just got me thinking…I was brought up with manners.  I would NEVER think of saying anything to anyone no matter what I was thinking.  I may vent to Kimm when I get home but I am always polite to others.  Why can’t other people be the same?

Again, SO FRUSTRATING and just makes me so happy that I can stay at home in my little home that I love the majority of the time and NOT have to interact with such inconsiderate people.

Ugh.  Vent over.

The rest of the day was okay.  Our street in front of our house is finally getting repaved so they tore it up today and believe me, that was a loud and house-shaking event that lasted all morning according to Kimm.

Can’t wait for that to be done too.

But thankfully there were good things today that I focused on and made me super happy…

…two walks with Izzy and Kimm

…grilling out

…great food (lunch–grilled cheese, veggies and hummus, Bugles, grapes, coconut cookies; dinner–veggie burger, veggie kabobs, baked potato, strawberries, Andes mint)

…reading and relaxing a bit this afternoon and tonight before heading into work

I’m on for three in a row now, so we’ll see how different that feels from three 12’s in a row.


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  1. Mean people suck! Honestly though people are so miserable lately. It’s a shame. I think back to how negative I used to be and I hate to think of how many people I ticked off. I’m in a much better place now and I never want to go back to being that way again.

    • Aimee…I could NEVER imagine you being negative…but it is amazing when we don’t feel good about ourselves how we take it out on others.

  2. Thank you Kaye. It’s a part of my past that I would just assume forget, but it has also shaped me into the person I have become.

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