Back at it.

Monday, September 30, 2013

First day back at work was fine yesterday…felt like I never left.

Thankfully I remembered most of everything that I had learned!

Big task for the day: get my headlights changed…when we were over at Kimm’s parent’s the other day her mom noticed that my left headlight was out and unfortunately these headlights are way too difficult to change by ourselves.  I made it back from work last night without getting stopped (I had my “oh really?” line down to a tee if I got pulled over!).  I called today and got in this morning…$40 for the two of them to be changed…and they had to take out the battery to get to the headlights…see what I mean about hard to change 🙂

Now I’m planning the rest of my day…changing the sheets, a walk with Izzy, making enchiladas for dinner, Dancing with the Stars and then a new program…The Blacklist (we watched the pilot during lunch and it’s great!). 

A beautiful fall day 🙂


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