New shoes and DWTS

Monday, September 16, 2013

A pretty good day off I would say!

It started off with a beautiful ride to drop off the lawnmower to get fixed.  Unfortunately, our lawnmower has been acting up.  It is a “guaranteed one pull start” but the last few times Kimm went to start the mower it would take like 20 times to start.  She researched this a little and found out that this is a known problem with the model we have (the choke doesn’t work)…ugh!  The good news is that it is covered under warranty…the bad news…we needed to drop it off to get fixed and won’t get it back for over a week…not good when we generally are mowing more frequent than once a week to keep up!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out okay with the mower…I mean, we’ve only had it since June!

After dropping it off, I mentioned to Kimm that Famous Footwear was having a Buy One Get One 1/2 Off Sale–it was on the way home so we decided to stop (even though Kimm generally has pretty poor luck with shoes…her problem…very small, wide feet…completely opposite of me).  Well the good news was…we BOTH found shoes…each of us got a pair of sneakers (thank goodness for me as I can completely tell that my sneakers for work need to be replaced…hardly any cushion any more!) AND a pair of Converse.  🙂

We both took naps during the afternoon and it was GLORIOUS!

We jumped on the opportunity to grill out for dinner since it was so beautiful out…mushroom burgers, veggie kabobs and corn.

Followed by a wonderful walk after dinner…I am LOVING the weather lately…just perfect for walking.

My evening plans consisted of watching the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars.  Even though I didn’t know very many of the stars, I still really enjoy the dancing!  Izzy and Charlie kept me company…IMG_2205


I’d have to say neither of them was too impressed with the show 🙂

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