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Sunday, September 15, 2013

It’s kind of more of the same at work now…just trying to learn as much as I can regarding this new position.

I find that there is a routine…same as nursing–but also unpredictables…SAME AS NURSING!


Get to work.

Print out staffing sheets, count to make sure staffing is adequate, if not…figure out how to move staff around to make it work.

Start visiting floors (ICU, IMC, ED, MS, Birthing, M5)–see if there are any issues, give support to staff.

By 2 hours of the next shift (i.e., 5p for 7p, 9p for 11p, etc) look at staffing again…will it work?

Update computer with staffing changes, print out next shift of staffing sheets.

ALL THE WHILE, answering any pages that come!

That is generally where the unpredictables come…

For example…today I learned about…

…pts leaving AMA

…replacing crash carts after a code

…finding equipment in Central Sterile Supply

…canceling a surgery in the OR

There are probably so many unpredicatables that I won’t ever feel 100% like I’m always prepared, but thankfully there is usually someone I can ask advice from.  I’m just nervous for when it’s just me at night and I’ll truly have to think about whether or not I need to call someone about an issue or if I can figure it out on my own.

But for now…I’m going to enjoy my next two days off!

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