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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Second day of training is done.   And what a busy day.

Met with the manager of the lab, the manager of the blood bank, and the head of infectious disease.

Then it was off and running because it was so busy at the hospital.  The ED was backed up with patients waiting to get admitted, and more waiting to be seen.  The hospitalists were behind on admissions and even if they were caught up there was no room to put people because we were short-staffed and waiting for pts to be discharged.  Basically in my mind it was a huge bottleneck.

We did a lot of moving patients from the ED, making sure staff was set (for 3-7, 7-11, and 11-7).  Lots of calling people to see if they would come in to work.  Lots of encouraging nurses that they were doing a good job.

I think I’m getting a little bit better about understanding staffing, printing out the proper reports, answering the beeper.

I know it will just take time.

But for now, I’m just glad to have two days off!  Two COMPLETE days off as I am going to bed at a normal time and will get up in the morning ready to enjoy a FULL day off 🙂

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