An unexpected day off!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Normally I would have gone to work tonight but with starting out my new orientation, no work tonight!  Yay!!!

An overall very nice day…

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast (trying to use up all that produce!).

Yankee Candle for our fall candles (Autumn Leaves and Harvest…BIGOF!…those candles are getting SO expensive now…$30 for a large jar??!!).

Nice chat with my parents while Kimm watched the football game.

Finance meeting.

Studies Sedation and Analgesia (recertification on Tuesday).

Pesto pasta for dinner (eating at the dinner table!)

A relaxing walk with Izzy.

Chopped and popcorn.

Another day off tomorrow as well which I’m so happy about 🙂

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