Globus sensation

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Up and at ’em early this morning to get to Kimm’s doctor’s appointment.

This appointment has been a long time coming.  Kimm has been complaining of a “lump” like sensation in her throat for many years now and finally her PCP decided to set her up with an Ear, Nose and Throat doc.  That’s what this appointment was all about.

I felt like the appointment went very well.  The doctor was pleasant and informative.  After Kimm explained what she was feeling, he decided to do a scope (which turned out to be a laryngoscope…looking at the back of the throat, including the vocal cords and larynx).   For all you nurses out there, this is pretty much like putting an NGT in part way.  NOT pleasant.  He did numb the nose, but it doesn’t take away the horrible sensation of something being shoved in your nose.  I’m so glad I was there to give support because I’m not sure if it would have gotten done without me there.  Thankfully, he didn’t see anything.  After asking a bunch of questions, he stated that what Kimm has (yep, there’s a term for it!) is globus sensation.  He thinks the culprit is her acid reflux.  Even though she is already on medication for this (and has been for a couple of years), he believes that the acid from the stomach is coming high up in the throat and causing some inflammation/irritation which is giving the sensation of a lump in her throat.  So he is recommending increasing the dosage of her current medication from once a day to twice a day.  He will then check to see how she is doing in one month.

That was it!  So HOPEFULLY this will help as Kimm has been having increasingly difficulty swallowing/breathing (or at least having that sensation).

Of course nothing in life is ever EASY–the new prescription was going to be sent to the pharmacy, but then later on Kimm checked to see if it was there…of course not…she called the pharmacy and they said that her insurance would not put that prescription through without a prior consent from the doc!  Seriously!  So the pharmacy sent the form to the doctor’s office and tomorrow she’ll have to follow through to make sure it all goes through.  What a lot of work for something SO simple.  This is why we have health care problems in our country!

After that ordeal we “celebrated” in the afternoon by going to Target.  It was nice…we haven’t been in TWO months.  But Target, you did it to us again…SO EASY to spend money there!  I even used the new Cartwheel app on my iphone to save more money and we still spent way more than we thought we had.

Also got a call today from JK (basically the guy who hired me) and even though he had initially said that my orientation was going to start at the end of the next schedule (October), now he wants to meet with my Friday morning to put together a schedule to start my orientation starting next week so I can get two weeks in before my vacation.

Change is in the air!!

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