“Busy” day :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kimm and I had a funny conversation today.  We were talking about how whenever we have something to do…even if it’s just one thing…it makes the day “busy” for us.  Kind of funny 🙂  After that all day long we kept making remarks…

Izzy’s vet appointment today…”busy” day 🙂

Target…”busy” day 🙂

We were laughing so hard!

Anyways, today REALLY was a busy day for me.

I was up early for my dentist appointment.  I had a tooth where the gum was receding quite a bit, causing sensitivity.  When I went for my cleanup a bit ago, they said that they could put a filling there so I agreed.  No need for numbing since it was just filling in on top of the tooth.  It was still pretty uncomfortable as they had to dry the tooth well (cold air blown directly on that sensitive part of my tooth…wow!), but it was done in about 15 minutes.  And I walked out about $45 poorer (geesh, seems like dental insurance should cover more!)

Then it was home and grocery shopping at two stores.

Back home to eat lunch (veggie sandwiches on onion rolls!).

Then off to Izzy’s vet appointment.  She was quite nervous again–would hardly let Dr. G. even touch her.  But she was better with the female assistant in the room…we are thinking maybe she has an issue with men?   Poor Izzy…it took a bunch out of her…she was panting like crazy and so happy to get home.

After we got home I was out again grocery shopping to one last store.

Then home to make dinner (cheese quesadillas with brown rice on the side).

Followed by dishes and taking the trash out!

FINALLY time to relax a bit…started watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince…but got so sleepy I had to stop and nap!

Hoping for a slightly less “busy” day tomorrow…

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