NOT User-Friendly

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Wow…I just spent almost an hour registering for an online e-learning class through the AACN (American Association of Critical Care Nurses) website and let me tell you it was NOT user-friendly AT ALL.

But thankfully I am registered and now have 6 months to complete Basic EKG.  Hopefully I will be done in a month because I have another one I want to do (Critical Care Pharmacology).

I’m hoping that this EKG course will help get the basics back in my head.  Sometimes those EKG rhythms are crazy hard!

Anyways, now that I did that I’m going to go downstairs where it is COOL and prep something for lunch…I’m thinking couscous salad with cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, green pepper, Italian dressing…sounds yummy!

Then I’m going to read!  (on the 5th Harry Potter book…I think I’m finally past the point where I stopped reading the first time I was reading the series…it’s all new to me now!)

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Strawberry-Orange-Kale-Cucumber Juice

Tuesday, August 21st, 2013

Another new juice!

A good one too 🙂

Strawberry-Orange-Kale-Cucumber Juice

Ingredients (for two cups):

8 strawberries

2 oranges, peel off

1 large kale leaf

1 and 1/2 cucumbers

To make:

On LOW (for softer fruits/veggies), juice strawberries, oranges and kale.

Turn juicer to HIGH and juice cucumbers (will push through any remaining juice from the softer fruits and veggies).



(I took this picture before adding another 1/2 cucumber…this was only to increase the volume of the juice slightly…for two cups it is good for the juice to reach the 500 cc mark on the pitcher!)


LOVE all the pretty colors!


A GREEN juice…the kale really changes the color!  This was our first juice with kale and I wanted to start slow, not sure how the flavor would be (?bitter).  Turns out I couldn’t really taste much of the kale at all, probably because of the oranges…which is good.  Next time I make this combination I will be adding two kale stalks!  Bring on the veggies 🙂

Today was busy, as usual, and even more frantic as it turned out that I COMPLETELY forgot my morning dentist appointment.  I only remembered when they called me!  Thankfully I was able to reschedule for later that morning, but of course I had planned to go grocery shopping so now that got pushed back.

But, it all worked out!

Dentist was successful…no cavities but I am going back in the beginning of September to have a filling placed on my upper left canine where the gum has receded a bit…yay!!  Finally no more sensitivity and food getting caught there…and no drilling…just bonding on top of the tooth 🙂

Remainder of day…

…grocery shopping

…changed sheets on bed

…made bread

…called my parents

…took Izzy on a walk!

…watched some LOST while Kimm enjoyed the Little League World Series

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Made it!

Monday, August 19th, 2013

I made it through my three nights on 🙂

Honestly, now that it is done, it really wasn’t that bad.  I guess you kind of get into a groove of going to work.  I just hate that my days when I work pretty much consist of work, sleep, eat–no time for anything else.

But now I’m happy to be able to enjoy two nights off.

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Saving lives.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sometimes it truly is amazing knowing that you had a part in saving another person’s life.  

Made it through my second night on!  Only one more to go!

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Strawberry-Cucumber-Spinach-Apple Juice

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wow, now we have the juicing bug 🙂

We tried another juice yesterday and it was GOOD!

Strawberry-Cucumber-Spinach-Apple Juice

Ingredients (to make 2 cups):

12 strawberries

1 cucumber

1/2 bag spinach (about 4 large handfuls)

1 apple

1/2 lemon, rind off

1/2 inch peeled ginger root


To make:

Process all strawberries through juicer on low-speed.

Switch to high-speed and juice the cucumber, lemon and ginger root.

Switch back to low-speed and process the spinach (it won’t look like much is happening).

Switch back to high-speed and process the apple (all the spinach juice that was stuck will be pushed through by the apple).

Enjoy–tart with a hint of sweetness and green!

LOVE all the colors before being mixed.






Surprisingly I LOVE the foam 🙂


Made it through my first night of work!  When I went in, the ICU was closed down so off I went to the ED.  Eventually the ICU reopened with one patient but I was kept in the ED all night.  Surprisingly it was slow which was good for me.

Kimm picked me up this morning as she had gone to a concert last night.  It was nice to have someone to drive home with 🙂

Now I’m off to bed…very sleepy…

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Friday Favorites, 2013: Week 33

Friday, August 16, 2013

Another Friday and we are halfway through the month already!

It’s just crazy how time marches on…

Another gorgeous day out there 🙂  So looking forward to fall!

Enjoy my favorites from around the web this week…

Favorite main biteButternut Squash Lasagna…I’ve always wanted to make this type of lasagna and this recipe seems super simple.

Butternut Squash Lasagna

~~Recipe and photo…Living Well, Spending Less

Favorite inspirational posts

Weekend Quote: Life is Like a Taxi (~~Just Roni)

One Question You Should Ask Everyone You Meet (~~Marc and Angel Hack Life)

More Ways To Find Ease In Stressful Times (~~Weightless)

6 Things You Will Regret About Today (~~Marc and Angel Hack Life)

Favorite side dishParmesan Garlic Asparagus…three of my favorite things in one dish!

Parmesan Garlic Asparagus

~~Recipe and photo…Chef in Training

Favorite finance posts…(~~all from The Simple Dollar)

The Salad Dressing Principle: If You Make Your Own, It’s Often Better AND Cheaper

Frugality Doesn’t Come First

Inconsistent Consistency

Favorite adult sipSimple Summer Sangria…only four ingredients??  Bring it on!

Simple Summer Sangria

~~Recipe and photo…Carrots ‘n’ Cake

Favorite international dishQuinoa Tabbouli…I don’t know a lot about Middle Eastern foods but this just looks SO refreshing…LOVE all the fresh ingredients.

Quinoa Tabbouli

~~Recipe and photo…Eat, Live, Run

Favorite “this is SO me” postBeauty and the Bees (I truly hope this would NEVER happen to me!–another GOOD reason to run on the treadmill!!) (~~never homemaker)

Favorite homemadeHomemade Graham Crackers…love snacking on these sweet crackers at work and these don’t look too hard to make…plus knowing all the ingredients makes me very happy.

Homemade Graham Crackers

~~Recipe and photo…Kitchen Simplicity

Favorite “get through the weekend at work’ quote

Counting Days

I’m working three 12s in a row so it’ll be a rough bit but I’m determined to make each day COUNT in some small way 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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One year.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

One year ago today I had my warning for giving a med to the wrong patient.

One year ago today Kimm was going to meet with the neurosurgeon in the morning and then find out that she needed immediate surgery for the pinched nerve in her neck.

One year goes by fast.

Regarding my warning…one thing I have changed in my practice is to ALWAYS ask for name and date of birth and ALWAYS document at the bedside.  So that is a good thing.

Regarding Kimm’s surgery…she still has problems with her legs/feet (numb/no feeling).  She truly feels that it is her LOWER back, not anything to do with the operated pinched nerve in her neck.  She will be having an appointment with her PCP coming up and asking again for a lower back MRI (a repeat one had been refused by her insurance).  So we shall see…hopefully something can be done.

Anyways, back to the present.   Again, hard to believe that three days off goes by so fast.  Today was mainly spent working on finances, dying my hair (hate that gray!), and then I went to the library and store this afternoon.

Regular stuff like making meals, doing dishes, and taking a walk made up the rest of the day.

And now I’m working on catching up on writing blogs!

Plan is to watch the 4th Harry Potter movie tonight while Kimm watches Little League baseball (which started today).

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Pear-Nectarine-Celery Juice

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We made another juice!

I kind of just made this one up 🙂

Pear-Nectarine-Celery Juice

Ingredients (for two cups):

2 pears

2 nectarines

3 large stalks of celery

To make:

Juice in this order–one pear, one nectarine, one stalk of celery, one pear, one nectarine, two stalks of celery.

Mix, pour into cups, mix again before drinking (juice separates quickly).



I thought this juice was pretty tasty…the juice itself was thick, with a definite pear taste, with a brightness from the celery.

Carrot-apple is still my fave!

Juicing is fun 🙂

What else did I do today?

A trip to BJs–got gas and stocked up on stuff (thankfully got out with spending less than $150 but gosh that stuff adds up fast!)

Made tacos for dinner…used tomatoes from our garden!!

Plan for tonight–a trip to Barnes and Noble with a frappacinno treat 🙂

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Sometimes it’s the littlest things…

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

…that bring us the greatest pleasure.

Today’s little things:

~~grilling out

~~going for a walk with Kimm and Izzy after dinner

~~a nice, hot shower

~~a Twisted Tea

~~watching an episode of LOST before bed

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Days off?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Ack!  Monday again!

I swear it doesn’t even feel like I had any days off even though I had two of them.

And now I’m already halfway done with my two nights on.

I have to say it wasn’t too bad even though I was quite tired (nothing a little No-Doze couldn’t help).  The grouchy doctor was on and what-do-you-know…he came in for a patient and he was actually PLEASANT!!??  Will wonders never cease!  I’m always happy when there are good dynamics among the team 🙂

When I got home I had a very enjoyable cup of coffee sitting on the front porch (after emptying the dehumidifier and wiping up cat puke).  I thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Now…off to bed!

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