The Call

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


So I have an interview tomorrow.

Turns out that H.A. (former nurse manager) had been calling me all day today while I was sleeping.  Kimm said it started at about 8:45 and didn’t stop until she called at 3:30 (which is when Kimm finally woke me up to talk to her).  She was calling because she really wanted to set up an interview for me for the following day.  I was pretty sleepy talking with her so I can’t remember everything she said but she said I would be great.  So my interview is at 2:15, first with all the nurse managers, then with the clinical supervisors at 3:00, and then with J.K. (head of the entire nursing department) at 3:30.  Not intimidating at all, huh??  I jest 🙂

After I hung up with the phone, I immediately started getting nervous.

So much for a relaxing first night off!

I pretty much spent the remainder of the night studying and practicing the interview questions I had come up with by doing a Google search (what would we DO without Google??!!)

Here’s a few of the questions I prepped for…

~~Why do you want this job?

~~Tell us about yourself.

~~What are your strengths?

~~What are your weaknesses?

~~How would others describe you?

~~What would you do if there was a disagreement between a nurse and an aide?

~~How would you handle a disruptive patient/family member?

~~How do you handle stress?

~~How do you lead?

~~What would you do if an employee broke a hospital policy?

I think there were a few more as well, but you get the gist…it was a lot to keep straight.  It is SO true that until you actually PRACTICE answering questions, it seems pretty easy (thinking the answers in your head is a breeze!)  It was a bit rough the first go around, but got smoother the second time.

A BIG thanks to Kimm for helping me with that!!!

Not much time to relax tonight, just a bit of House Hunters before bed.

I’m crossing my fingers that everything goes well tomorrow!!

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