Sunday, August 25, 2013

I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that it is nearly the end of August already!

Another absolutely gorgeous day…perfect for the windows to be open and the fresh air blowin’!

I spent all morning prepping for any potential interview questions IF I even get an interview.  Again, something that is taking me outside of my comfort zone…I’m not a huge fan of speaking in front of people and I HATE interviews (I always feel SO tongue-tied) but I wanted to at least be a bit prepared if something happens early this week.  I have a 3 page cheat sheet that I will fold and put in my scrubs tonight and review whenever I get the chance!

The rest of the day was busy too…finished reading Fly Away (SO GOOD…a definite tear-jerker at the end), made Cheesy Black Bean Taco Casserole for dinner, took Izzy on a walk/run, and now about to hop in the shower.  The last game of the Little League World Series is on…Japan vs. California.  Should be a good one.

If you are not working tonight…enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

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