Pear-Nectarine-Celery Juice

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We made another juice!

I kind of just made this one up 🙂

Pear-Nectarine-Celery Juice

Ingredients (for two cups):

2 pears

2 nectarines

3 large stalks of celery

To make:

Juice in this order–one pear, one nectarine, one stalk of celery, one pear, one nectarine, two stalks of celery.

Mix, pour into cups, mix again before drinking (juice separates quickly).



I thought this juice was pretty tasty…the juice itself was thick, with a definite pear taste, with a brightness from the celery.

Carrot-apple is still my fave!

Juicing is fun 🙂

What else did I do today?

A trip to BJs–got gas and stocked up on stuff (thankfully got out with spending less than $150 but gosh that stuff adds up fast!)

Made tacos for dinner…used tomatoes from our garden!!

Plan for tonight–a trip to Barnes and Noble with a frappacinno treat 🙂

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