A very good busy!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Wow, what a busy, but VERY productive and fun day 🙂

I don’t think we had completely planned to get as much done today as we did, but it was a pleasant surprise.



Kaye–cleaning both bathrooms, making our first batch of pesto, dishes

Lunch ~~ egg noodles with pesto, grapes, 1/2 a nectarine, iced animal cookies, iced tea


Together–Charlie and Madeline’s annual vet appointment–according to Dr. G. they are both doing well–both have pretty much maintained their weight although Madeline did lose a little bit (even with extra food)–he doesn’t think there is a thyroid problem as her heart was not racing like it typically would with a hyperactive thyroid–told us to just keep giving her a little extra food–she’s a bit bonier, some muscle loss, but overall good!, Charlie was a little pain–he did NOT like being examined or getting his shots!

Kimm–mowed the lawn

Kaye–errands–bank to deposit checks, CVS to pick up Kimm’s meds, dollar store to get spray bottles (managed to get a small pumpkin decoration while I was there…can’t wait for FALL!!), package store to pick up drinks for us both, grocery store (two! — bagels, ice cream, melon, croutons…sales…the real mission was the ice cream!)

Dinner~~the grill again!–mushroom burgers, corn, veggie kabobs (with green and red pepper, grape tomatoes, onion, mushrooms), rest of the pesto pasta, ice cream cone for dessert (cookies and cream)

Early evening

Kimm–watered the garden

Kaye–dishes, shower

Finally time to relax 🙂

Porch night again…


Izzy was tired out too!

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