Getting the best of me…

Sunday, August 4, 2013

You would think having a week off of work would make me so much more refreshed and ready to tackle anything at work?


Yep, you would think.

Despite trying to go into work with the best of attitudes (seriously I was chanting “choose joy” walking into work!) AND wearing my positivity bracelet (given to me by a co-worker), I had a REALLy crappy first night back…and a lot of it was really just letting the circumstances get to me.

It was frustrating mostly because I had a patient that was admitted with pancreatitis and he had a history of polysubstance abuse.  The main issues…pain control, anxiety and sleeplessness.  He was demanding, manipulative and mean at times.  And I really let him get the best of me.

I wanted to have a positive fun night.  I wanted to catch up with my co-workers that I hadn’t seen in a while, I wanted to joke around.

Instead this guy kept me very busy…pain med every hour, getting upset when I was even a few minutes late, constantly ringing the bell and asking for something.  12 hours worth.  I think it could get the best of anybody.

Add on top of that new handhelds that SUCKED and it was a long, hard night.

And I really didn’t like myself during it as I got very frustrated and upset and took it out on the people I was working with.  Which I really didn’t want to do.

Oh well, the night is over.  Hopefully I learned SOMETHING from it (not sure what that is yet as I’m still really processing the night and my reaction to it).

I was just so glad to get home and get to bed so I could try and forget about it.

Woke up feeling so much better 🙂

Kimm was in a good mood too…turned out she had weeded for FOUR hours!!!  She was on a mission and it was just the perfect day for it…kind of like a fall day.

Which reminds me…I CAN’T wait for fall 🙂

We grilled out (had our first zucchini and beans from our garden)…


Super yummy meal!

After dinner we sat on the porch…I watched the third Harry Potter movie (Prisoner of Azkaban) and Kimm read.  Izzy just relaxed 🙂


Now it’s time for some popcorn and Brother vs. Brother…loving life right this moment 🙂

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