Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The day started out okay…but then I got a call from Risk Management at the hospital.  When I spoke to the woman who called, she informed me that I needed to follow-up with Work Connection at the hospital before returning to work on Friday (due to my neck).


I had already worked the day after my neck was injured!

Turns out I was actually supposed to see someone before I went back to work that day but no one ever told me.

Ugh.  At least I could have gone yesterday after work before coming home.

But because the next time I work is Friday night I had to go up to the hospital on my day off…wasting MY TIME!!!!

That really gets my goat.

Anyways, my neck was feeling ALMOST 100% better today.  Just a little stiffness when I bent my neck backwards.  I was seen by the nurse practitioner and she cleared me.

There goes two hours of my life…

Second thing about today that was frustrating…the summer concert series held on the green in Agawam.   Kimm and I were super psyched to go since Enter the Haggis was playing and we heard them last year and really enjoyed their music.  In fact I had been listening to them in the car to and from work for the past week, familiarizing myself with their music again.

So what made the concert so frustrating??

Several things–

–the music was played very softly (I’m not sure if this was to prevent it from being too loud for the neighbors near the green, but it was so soft I could hardly hear it!)

–we were sitting by two families with FIVE kids each and these kids were LOUD and OBNOXIOUS (I really don’t have anything against kids but I really dislike it when they are running all over the place and yelling during a concert…the parents were completely oblivious…just talking with each other–don’t they know that people go to a concert to listen to the music…NOT them…I guess we should have sat back further!)

–the band’s playlist was pretty lackluster (I think for a concert they should play well-known songs that are upbeat…however they played a lot from their newest album which was pretty slow and melancholy)

We ended up leaving a tad bit early and coming home to watch House Hunters.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is less frustrating.

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