“Being the patient”

Monday, July 15, 2013

Last night at work I ended up “being the patient.”

While helping move one patient (after already moving several other large patients), all of a sudden I got a sharp pain on the left side of my neck on the back side.  It came on so suddenly and turning my head side to side or up and down caused noticeable pain.  It basically felt like a pinched nerve (which I’ve had before).

HOWEVER, since this happened at work I decided to write it up JUST IN CASE it got worse.

Then I took some Tylenol and Ibuprofen and placed ice packs on my neck.

When the supervisor made her rounds and I told her about the incident,  she suggested I go to the ER.


So I had to go to the ER, get registered, and see the doctor (my favorite of the ER docs!)

Her conclusion…probably a pinched nerve or a muscle spasm.

Prescription — PRN Flexeril (muscle relaxant), PRN Percocet (pain med) and have a follow-up with my doctor in 2-3 days if symptoms have not gotten better.  AND no heavy lifting for 2 days.

Whoa, that’s awful hard to do in the ICU!  I felt SO bad letting my coworkers do all the lifting but I just didn’t want the pain to be exacerbated.

So now I’m off to take some Flexeril and hopefully sleep well and wake up feeling much better!


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