LONG appointment.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wow, what a day.

I never said, but I got a call to do a follow-up on my mammogram.  They said they saw some density on my right breast that they wanted to check again because there is no comparison since it was my baseline mammogram.  I had originally scheduled it for last Friday, the day after the Fourth of July, but then with the key incident, I had cancelled and scheduled it for today.

Good thing I did that since I was at the appointment for 2 and 1/2 hours!!

When I got there they did another complete mammogram of both sides.

Then I waited for the radiologist to read it.  They wanted to have the same radiologist read both mammograms for comparison.

Turns out the right breast was fine, but then they wanted to have a better look at the left.

So back I went.  This time different angles AND the new 3D mammogram.  The technician showed me that they were looking at an area that looked like a possible cyst.

Again I was sent to wait while the radiologist read the xrays.  I was told that I might have to possibly have an ultrasound if the reading was still unclear.

So I waited.  And waited.  And waited!  Good thing I had my iphone along with a book to read on it 🙂

They eventually came back and said I DID need to have an ultrasound (I figured!).

More waiting until the US tech was ready.

Having the ultrasound done was pretty cool because I could look at the screen while she was doing it; however I really had no idea what she was looking at– ha, ha!

She finished and had me wait while the radiologist looked at the report.  Again, she stated that we might have to re-do it if the radiologist recommended it.  So I waited some more!

When she came back, she brought the radiologist with her.  He was very nice and just explained that he wanted a better look while the tech was performing the US.

So we did it again, took more pictures.  When it was all done he explained that he thinks there are two cysts deep in the breast tissue, pressing up against each other.

He said they look for three different things…1) if the edges are smooth or rough (smooth is better), 2) how fast the sound waves go through the questionable spot (faster is better), and 3) I CAN’T REMEMBER!!

Oh the human mind, only retaining so little of what we hear.  Anyways, two of the three were kind of fuzzy for me…the edges were smooth, but the sound waves went through a bit slow.  Again, wish I could remember that third thing but I have been googling breast US like crazy and don’t see anything besides edges/size so I don’t think it was too important!

Anyways, the radiologist says it is very likely to ONLY be a non-cancerous cyst based on the US.  I will have to have a follow-up mammogram in 6 months with a possible US at that time to ensure that the cyst has not grown.  If it has, then I will need to have an US guided biopsy.

BUT he did say if I was very worried/couldn’t sleep that they could do a biopsy now.

I think I will hold off.  Get it re-checked in 6 months.

So that’s it for my mammogram story.

WHAT a day!

So glad to get home and eat something as I was gone for FOUR HOURS 🙂

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful.  Took a nap, made pizza for dinner, wrote some blogs, read, made a blueberry buckle with this recipe (just substituting almond extract for vanilla extract as I was out), ate popcorn while watching House Hunters…a good relaxing night…



Mmmm…can’t wait for breakfast!


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  1. What a stressful day. I’m glad they were thorough though and that you are having a follow up mammogram in 6 months as opposed to a year. I will have my first mammogram this fall.

    That blueberry buckle looks so delicious. I really want to go blueberry picking before it’s to late.

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