Garden Planted!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another busy, but productive, day!

It all started out with heading out to Home Depot.  Turns out that our new lawnmower stalled several times last night when Kimm was mowing, and also required many pulls (up to seven at one point!) to get the motor started, even though there is a one pull guarantee.  And to top it all off, the motor sounded like it was grinding a bit.  Needless to say, she was not very happy, considering this was only the third use.  So frustrating.

So with both of our bad backs, we managed to get the lawnmower into the trunk of the car to return it to HD since there was a 30 day return policy.   Let me just say…that lawnmower is HEAVY!   After getting to HD and lifting the mower out of the trunk on to a flatbed we were both cursing that lawnmower!

This is when things started to get ugly.  When we entered the store and made our way to the return desk we were told that we could NOT directly return the mower unless there was a manufacturer’s defect…and of course we were told this in a very rude tone…what ever happened to true customer service??  So we were directed over to Tool Services where thankfully a very nice employee took a look at the lawnmower.  Of course he was able to get the mower started on the first try…and of course he didn’t hear any grinding.  He did say that perhaps the gas we used had “gelled” up if it was old.  He mentioned using some gas stabilizer–of which we already use.   He would check it out…if it had not “gelled” we had two options…either take our old mower back or get a replacement of the same mower.  So just an FYI…you can’t just return a mower to HD even though there is a 30-day return policy.   We decided to exchange the mower but our curiosity was heightened…was the gas “gelled”?  The answer…NO.  The gas was exactly how it should be.  So we have NO IDEA why the mower stalled and sounded like it was grinding the night before.  The one thing the guy did say is that equipment is just made poorer quality these days.  He said that if you can get 5 years out of a mower you’re doing pretty good.  I’d say that’s pretty sad.

Anyways, we headed back to the “service” desk where we were told someone would bring out a replacement of the mower for us and we would get a new receipt (for a new 30-day return policy).  SERVICE my *ss!  We were asked to go get the mower and bring it to the desk.  We went over to get it and no kidding THREE employees walked by while we were getting the huge box on the flat bed.  When we finally brought it back to the “service” desk, the lady was like, “you’re all set” and I said, “What about a new receipt?”  She kind of looked surprised but said, “Oh yeah.”  Cue eyes rolling!!!

Finally, we were loading up the mower in the car AGAIN.

The whole fiasco took about an hour and we were drained!  But of course we had more to do at HD so back into the store we went…

An hour later we were set…we had taken a look at bathroom vanities, faucets, etc (for our upcoming bathroom renovation), bought some fans for our upstairs windows (to pull the cool air in at night), and bought some pepper and tomato plants.

When we arrived home we were wiped out AND hungry.

Kimm’s parents had planned to come to pick up some of the pepper and tomato plants so we decided to do pizza.  Quick and easy…not to mention delicious 🙂

After a visit with them, we attacked the garden!

Everything is planted!


On the left…4 pepper plants

In the back…two tomato plants (with room for a cherry tomato plant)

On the right…a row of cucumbers

In the front…6 short rows of green beans


Our squash bed…two mounds of yellow squash to the left, two mounds of zucchini to the right!

The mosquitos were out…even with spray they still hovered around me!

We’re due for rain for the next few days so hopefully the garden will get a nice little drink…My mouth is already watering for fresh-from-the-garden produce 🙂

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