Stroke Conference

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today I spent my first full day off getting up super early and learning all about strokes.

I attended a Stroke Conference organized by Baystate that earned me 6 CEU credits.

My thoughts regarding the conference:

….I loved hearing about a stroke from the perspective of a patient who had a stroke

…some of the learning sessions were either too simplified or too complex…this ended up being very frustrating

….I don’t like it when conferences don’t provide handouts of the power points or don’t provide access to print out the power points

….most of the speakers were pretty dry

…food was included and it wasn’t too bad, however not all vegetarian but I made do…a nice breakfast buffet with fresh fruit, yogurt, whipped cream, granola, coffee, fruit juices, muffin tops…I had a wonderful bowl of strawberries, blueberries, mandarin orange segments, and raspberries with granola and whipped cream for breakfast, for mid-morning snack a blueberry muffin top with apple juice…lunch was a large salad with chicken chunks, Gorgonzola cheese, cherry tomatoes, grapes, candied walnuts and a lemon vinaigrette…I of course had to pick off all the chicken and the cheese…once that was off…very good…also a fruit cup with grapes, cantaloupe, green melon and strawberries…a brownie for dessert!

…I got awful tired towards the end of the day…I don’t know if it was the meal, or getting up so early, or the repetitive content…but I was ready for a nap!

But here are some interesting facts from the day…

~~795,000 people have a stroke each year

~~strokes cause 150,000 deaths each year

~~someone has a stroke every 40 seconds

~~over 70% of strokes are first events

~~strokes are in the top four causes of death

~~strokes are the leading cause of functional impairment


Remember F-A-S-T

F = facial droop

A = arm drift

S = speech impaired

T = TIME — get to the hospital FAST

~~there are two types of stroke:

1 — hemmorhagic (15%)–bleeding in the brain

2 — ischemic (85%)–a clot blocking blood to the brain

~~a doctor will always want to know the LAST TIME WELL

~~if a stroke is caused by a clot and the pt is within a 3 hour window, TPA (clot-buster medicine) can be used to break up the clot and restore blood flow to the brain and reduce functional limitations

~~a minor stroke (TIA) is a stroke that resolves in 24 hours…it increases your risk for a larger more dangerous stroke

~~only 25% of people know what a stroke is and can list the signs and symptoms

To prevent stroke — eat less, move more, don’t smoke, keep your cholesterol low, manage your blood pressure, lower salt intake.

Remember TIME = BRAIN!!!!

After the conference I was SO glad to come home and relax for the night 🙂

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