Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Today was all about shopping…I don’t think I’ve seen our fridge quite so empty in some time.

Personally I LOVE grocery shopping, even though I wish I didn’t feel so stressed about spending so much money.  I’m sure many people don’t give a second thought to how much they spend on food, but we are on a strict budget and when you try to eat healthier, you tend to spend more.

Today’s total…$142…yikes!  But I did buy a few things that are more expensive that we don’t have to buy too often (yeast, rice) and I stocked up on bargains that I saw (coconut milk, tortillas, pizza sauce).  That, combined with a ton of fruits and veggies adds up quick.

Then during the afternoon I went out to Saver’s to look around…after a lot of trying on of multiple things I managed to walk away with a pair of capri pants and a t-shirt for a grand total of about $11.

Finally watched the Survivor finale and was happy to see that Cochran was the winner and I have to say I think that Dawn was unfairly butchered by her fellow cast mates…she played the game the best she knew how and there have been MANY other Survivor contestants who voted off those they became close with during the game.  But knowing that Cochran has been watching this show since the very beginning, when he was only a kid, it was cool to see him walk away a winner.  Can’t wait for next season 🙂

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