A GREAT (and surprising) new start!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Imagine my surprise today when I stepped on the scale and found that I was down 4.6 pounds this week!!!!


I know it won’t be like that every week but I’ll take it!

What else??? Hmmmm….

…it’s almost semi-finals for Dancing with the Stars!  My faves of those remaining are…Zendaya and Kellie Pickler.  I believe Zendaya will win and she would be the youngest winner yet at age 16!

…Kimm had her second opinion with another neurosurgeon regarding her lower back…it was kind of a waste of an appointment…first of all the guy had HORRENDOUS bedside manner…basically the appointment would have been over in about one minute if we didn’t ask any questions…he basically said, “well it’s not surgical.”  Well, then why is there all this pain and continued loss of sensation to the lower legs.  According to him–the loss of sensation is just from the neck…whatever she has for feeling after a year is what she will have (similar to what the other neurosurgeon said).  In regards to the pain, he agreed with physical therapy and actually stated he would recommend a steroid injection in the muscle if that did not help.  We left frustrated to say the least, but at least with the hope that a steroid injection could help if physical therapy did not.

…we will have a visit with friends that we have not seen in quite a while tonight.  I think I’ll make some chocolate chip cookies!

Have a great hump day everyone.

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