No Coffee For a Week: My Thoughts

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

I wanted to go one week without coffee to try to eliminate so much sugar so early in the morning (I put either 3 tablespoons of flavored creamer OR one tablespoon sugar plus 3 tablespoons non-flavored creamer in my cup of coffee).

How did it go??

May 1st–DAY ONE…  It’s really hard to not have that hot cup of coffee while sitting in the office first thing in the morning.  Actually, let me back up, it was really hard to say “none for me” when Kimm asked, “What kind of coffee do you want this morning?”  I guess having my one cup of coffee in the morning really does have an aspect of routine and expectation, more so than I want to believe.

I decided to not have coffee for a week because I know that I add way too much sugar and I don’t really like it without.  So going cold turkey, to see if I really was addicted is something I wanted to try, especially after watching “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” last night.  It really motivated me to want to do better with my health and I’ve been really lax about it.  So no excuses this time…just DO IT.

My goal is to get below 200 lbs before my doctor’s appointment in June.  It will be tough.  I will have to really try.  BUT I DO THINK IT IS DOABLE.

As far as my morning routine, I’m mixing it up.  First no coffee.  So instead I’m having a cup of orange juice this morning.  It’s not the same, that’s for sure.  It’s the first step towards juicing as we have no juicer yet 🙂  Baby steps, baby steps!

I’m expecting to have a headache today?  We shall see.  Not sure how much caffeine does affect me.  All I can say is that I’m already looking forward to lunch!

9:45 pm on the first day…I did have a wicked headache that started after lunch so I know it was not from being hungry.  It was all located in the back of my head and even 2 Excedrin Migraine (which has caffeine in it!) could take it away!  Hopefully won’t happen again tomorrow.  I think what I miss most so far is the experience of having my hot coffee in the morning and my iced coffee at night!

May 2nd–DAY TWO

Well, I felt a little hungry going to bed last night as I had a smaller snack (glass of wine and 1/4 cup peanuts) so I was afraid I would wake up extra hungry.

I actually woke up BEFORE the alarm because I had to go to the bathroom so bad, but then when Kimm got up I decided I still felt tired and slept some more.  About an hour and 45 minutes later I was up and feeling much refreshed.  I truly think that I do need to catch up on my sleep.  I’m glad I’m making that a priority finally.

I grabbed my glass of orange juice and didn’t feel as deprived this morning, maybe because I didn’t smell it being brewed with Kimm having already had hers.

Sipping on cold juice though is no nice warm coffee.  Again, mostly the experience.  I keep thinking, “what could I drink that would be hot and good??”  I can’t think of anything right now because I don’t really like tea and coffee with no sugar…ick.

So I keep sipping the juice.  It’s going to be interesting to see if I have another headache today.  So far, so good.

MAY 3rd–DAY THREE…Not too bad this morning as I had to work over night.  Came home and poured my juice and immediately got to work re-organizing the dining room!  Felt very inspired.

The only thing I really missed was the warmth from sipping the coffee.  I find the orange juice to be a bit tart in the morning.  But sipping it slow makes it last longer and feel more filling.

No headache today 🙂

MAY 4th–DAY FOUR…Woke up today and all I could think was…”I want coffee!”  Again, mostly for the warmth and the experience 🙂  I’m beginning to think that after this week is up I WILL go back to having my one cup of coffee in the morning, even if I know I have sugar in it…Life is too short to not enjoy it.  But I will continue for the one week to see if my feelings change.  At this point though I can’t see that happening.

MAY 5th–DAY FIVE…Ahhh…was even thinking of coffee when I went to bed last night!  So I think I can honestly say that depriving myself of something is not going to work for me.  I can’t really tell if I’m feeling better or not!  So frustrating.

Switched things up this morning with some prune juice instead of orange juice and I definitely liked it better.  Less tart, a smoother sweet.  Had 1/2 a glass since it is so high in sugar/carbs.  I’m looking forward to Wednesday morning for that cup of coffee!  I wonder if it will taste as good as I have hyped it up in my mind to be…that will be interesting.

MAY 6th–DAY SIX…Had a chocolate craving this morning that I satisfied with Nutella.  It would have been even better with some hot coffee to finish it off…

I’m really looking forward to that cup of coffee on Wednesday…two more days!  Thankfully I just go to sleep today so I won’t have to think about it!

MAY 7th–DAY SEVEN…I CAVED!!!! I came home from a rough night of work, Kimm was getting her breakfast together and I decided I really wanted a cup of coffee!  Was it as good as I anticipated……..YES!!

I really went all out and had an iced coffee at night too…SO WORTH IT!!

My final thought:  Life is too short not to enjoy it…I don’t think my one cup of coffee in the morning and the occasional iced coffee at night are HORRIBLE, considering I eat pretty well most of the day.  My conclusion is that I’m NOT going to give up coffee!


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