Spring Cleaning

Saturday, May 4, 2013

We have guests coming over next Wednesday so I spent a good portion of today just cleaning the bottom part of the house. ┬áDoes anyone else just clean the parts that guests may see? ­čÖé

Anyways, there was a TON of junk on the dining room table that needed to find a home. ┬áSo all of that stuff was cleared away, plus I took off EVERYTHING off the dining room floor…mostly boxes, dusted everything…tons of hair!

Then cleaned the 1/2 bath, wiped down all the stainless steel in the kitchen, swept/dusted/reorganized the living room (finally took down the stereo that doesn’t work anymore and replaced with our small gas fireplace). ┬áIt really opened everything up and gave a fresh look! ┬áCompletely made me feel refreshed!

As Kimm has now caught the cold that I had, I went out to pick up some sick supplies (nasal spray, cough drops, and orange juice) and popped in and got another bottle of wine as well since I’ve been having a glass at night. ┬áKimm attempted a shower when I got home but was stopped by a pretty massive nosebleed–it finally stopped bleeding after 1/2 hour.

And that was the day…it was gone in a flash ­čśŽ

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