Attacking the Yard

Thursday, April 25, 2013

This year I am DETERMINED to get more done in the yard.

Thus, my last two days off have involved working hard in the yard…maybe that should be my mantra 🙂

We have a TON of overgrown brush all along our back fence that needs to come down and every year it does not get done, usually because it starts to bloom and then I don’t get it because it’s hard to trim/there are flying insects hovering/it get’s too hot…

…but this year I got out there!

Some of my progress during the last two days…


The start…along the back fence…


Some progress…


Who knows what this thing is??


Down to just the roots…will probably have to have somebody come out and dig that out…


It never ends…more brush…


Slow progress…


Looking better…


Made it up to the tree…


Then I saw all this GREEN!!  This is on the other side of the yard…part rose bush, part some huge plant with HUGE thorns…I was cutting off all the green shoots and managed to prick myself good…I was bleeding and bruised…just from ONE thorn!  Not sure if I’ll be able to do much with this one…may have to bite the bullet and have someone take care of it…

I’d say I did about five hours of work between the past two days…and my hamstrings are feeling it 🙂

Kimm mowed the lawn for the first time too!

I have a feeling this backyard stuff will be a long project.

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