Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sometimes I wish I could just be more decisive!

There is a 12 hour position open in the ER and I’m debating whether or not to take it.

On the plus side

…it would be another great critical care experience

…my co-workers would be great

…would not have to suffer through the same assignment if it is a tough one

…no dealing with particular mean docs

On the negative side

…I LIKE the routine of a floor, even though there are definitely blips that happen…in the ER you NEVER know what you will get

…my co-workers right now are great and I’ll miss working with them

…seeing so many people abuse the ER would DEFINITELY frustrate me on a nightly basis I’m sure

…there are some hard-to-deal-with docs in the ER too

I’m also worried about — scheduling (right now I’m pretty much on a two on, three off schedule and I think in the ER it’s more, fill in the hole) PLUS I know that there is a lot more “can you switch with me or work this day?” going on in the ER and I don’t like constantly having to say “no” or looking at my schedule trying to help other people out all the time; training — since I float to the ER often, I’m worried that I’ll get the same shoddy training that I got when I went to all my other units, “oh she’s been here, she doesn’t need much training” and then I’m lost at certain things; comfort — there is something about dealing with the beast you know, rather than the beast you don’t know, “the grass is not always greener on the other side!”

BUT…it would be great experience and with ICU and ER experience I could probably do anything in the future…BUT…what would I do?  Would I go to another hospital?  Probably not because I would not want to lose my seniority??!!  So is it even worth it…what if I try it and I don’t like it??  UGh… see what I mean…so confusing and I just don’t know what to do.


Okay, now I’m off to bed…so tired!

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  1. Kaye, I have a very close friend who is a dual certified adult and pedi nurse practitioner. She’s been in nursing for over 20 years. She is currently working as an RN in two ERs to gain that experience because in her opinion it is invaluable and will make her much more marketable.

    Great list of pros and cons. I’m certainly not trying to sway your decision one way or the other, but given the fact that I’m beginning to do some career soul searching myself I think it’s important to always be prepared to have to leave your current place of employment. Hospitals close (though I don’t think that will happen), management turns over and can make life unbearable, hard to pass up job opportunities come up elsewhere, essentially life happens and having the experience to go almost anywhere does provide a certain amount of relief and freedom for the future.

    I do agree that the ER folks are a great group! But on the flip side you will be encountering many more of the patients we deal with on a regular basis, many of whom abuse the system. I’m on the verge of tearing out my hair at the moment thanks to one of them!

    No matter what decision you make I want you to know I think you are very brave for enduring the rigors of critical care. I have told you before that my experience in IMC alone was enough to sway me away from critical care due to lack of training and lack of confidence in myself. I am not quite sure I’ll ever find my place in nursing. I so admire critical care nurses for their quick thinking skills, ability to troubleshoot, treat and nurture simultaneously, and their analytical minds. You will do great no matter where you are because you are committed to your job, you work hard and you truly care. I look forward to hearing more about your decision. Good luck Kaye!

    • Wow, Aimee, I love reading your opinions because you are so well spoken. I find your point regarding marketability to be so true…so even if I don’t ESPECIALLY like working in an ER initially, it will give me invaluable experience and you are also right about always being prepared to get a job somewhere else. Your comment about your lack of training and lack of confidence makes me think again about how SCARED I am some times when I really do have a very critical patient…I still feel as if I know hardly anything. BUT I do think feeling you know less than what you probably do is better than being OVER CONFIDENT and not being worried at all about anything. I’m still really thinking about transferring. Many of my co-workers thinks that ER nurses are only task workers and that I will lose my skills quickly, but I’m not sure that is the case. There are many cases of treat ’em and street ’em but there are also many great learning experiences for those who are willing to learn. Hmmm what to do? Thank you for your great insight. I really appreciate it so much.

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