Thursday, March 28, 2013

I haven’t been “shopping” in a LONG time.

Meaning, it’s been a long time since I just went out to look for something nice to wear.  Occasionally I’ll look when we go to Target, just to see what is there, but nothing more.

Yesterday I decided I wanted to get out and try to find something nice to wear for Easter AND try to find a better bra.

Well, let me tell you…shopping is NOT MUCH FUN.

I tried on a lot of bras and was unhappy with them all.  So major fail there.  I need to keep looking.

By the time I was done with that, I hardly even felt like looking for some clothes.  But we kept on going, and eventually ended up in Old Navy, which I haven’t been there in so long, they completely re-did the store.

Thankfully I was able to find two tops, and one of them I was able to get for 50% off because there was a defect with the buttons on the sleeves (which I can fix) and a VERY faint stain on the back, hardly noticeable.  But because Kimm encouraged me to ask about a discount, they gave me 50% off, final sale.  So two tops, $22.50.  Somehow, I STILL feel guilty spending money on me, but I do have two tops that will take me from spring to summer to fall.


This was the discounted shirt…LOVE the blue detailing of the stitching and the cream color…


LOVE the color of this top and how lightweight it is…I will be wearing this for Easter!

What else did I do today?

–found new curtains for the living room!  We have been thinking about moving the living room curtains up to the office and getting something different for the living room…we stopped off at Bed, Bath and Beyond and saw something we liked…cream curtains with the Energy Save (supposed to help keep heat out in the summer, in during the winter)–$40/panel!!  We will have to start accumulating our 20% off coupons!  So excited for a new look…the cream color will really pop on the dark brown walls and lighten everything up!

–baked another loaf of bread…went a little easier and the rising was SO much better (used the trick of rising in the oven–pre-heat oven to 200 for one minute, turn off and let rise with oven light on…plus the first rise was one and 1/2 hours, second rise, 1 hour)


After the second rise, prior to going into oven…actually rose above rim of loaf pan!


Out of the oven!


Enjoyed with a vegetable egg scramble for lunch!

–finished reading the last of The Caroline Years (book series covering Caroline Ingalls–Laura Ingalls mother)

–watched the latest episode of Elementary

–saw another sign of spring 🙂


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