Monday, March 18, 2013

Not too much on the agenda today.  Our big adventure was heading out to Target to get our glasses adjusted.  Kimm’s were causing huge ravines behind her ears where they were digging into her head…major headache!  Mine just felt like they were pinching a bit over my ears.  Of course neither of us felt like going out, but I’m glad we did…task completed!  Not to mention, we also finally returned two items we’ve been meaning to return to Target for a while but keep forgetting whenever we head out.  Of course when the clerk was helping us, she handed me back the receipt and good thing I looked at it carefully (which I don’t always do), because it only added back one item on our card…if I hadn’t seen it that very moment, I don’t think I would have had any recourse to say “I returned two items.”  Again, just thankful I looked at the receipt as she fixed it immediately.

Other than that, the day wasn’t too exciting.  I did manage to get outside and do a walk/run with Izzy since it was sunny (but very cold!).

I have had so many vague plans for my days off but my motivation level is pretty much NIL so not much has gotten accomplished.

Hopefully that will change soon.  However, we are due for more snow tonight…and I’m pretty much over that 🙂

Spring where are you?

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