Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our tub is driving me CRAZY.  There is nothing like feeling like you are taking a bath at the same time you are taking a shower 🙂

So we had gotten the snake from Home Depot (about $30) to try to get rid of whatever was making our tub drain slow and within 5 minutes of using it, it wasn’t working.  Basically it’s a long metal tube that unwinds into the pipe with a turning device (turn one way the tube moves forward, turn the opposite way, the tube comes back into a storage case).  Well, somehow the metal tube STOPPED moving forward.  It was broke.  SO FRUSTRATING.

So back to Home Depot we went to get a replacement.  While we were there I was also just taking a look at what else they had to unclog drains as I was already worried that the snake would break again.  We picked up a product called Kleer Drain (about $25) as well as the replacement snake.  The way Kleer Drain works by shooting forced air (from a cartridge that you insert) through the drain.  We decided to try that first since it seemed a bit easier.

And guess what?  I think it did work!

There was a loud noise when I pushed the trigger down, some *gunk* expressed itself on the sides of the tub, and then when I removed the device, I heard the water gurgling down the pipes.  When I ran additional water it was draining well!

The reason I say I THINK it worked is because neither of us has actually taken a shower in the tub yet…so if it still works after taking showers I will say it is money well spent!


Even better is that the product came with four forced air cartridges and we only used one, so now we have some for future slow/clogged drains.

However, we are going to do our best to avoid that happening in the tub…we are going to stay on a strict baking soda/vinegar weekly routine.

I have to say it is so frustrating to deal with these types of things.  But it is also very rewarding when you can fix them yourself without having to pay an arm and a leg to a plumber.

Since that was so frustrating, it was nice to be able to have some good happen as well…our glasses came in!

We headed up to Target and picked up our glasses and sunglasses…they look even better than we thought they did when we bought them 🙂  Pictures to come soon.

Can’t wait for tonight…date night (second time this month)…we are going to see Life of Pi at the theater…fitting as today is National Pi Day!

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