Sunday’s Letters, 2013: Week 9

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dear Daylight’s Savings Time:  I can’t wait for you to arrive next Sunday…finally the days will be longer 🙂

Dear Snow I See Swirling Around Outside:  What?!  I wasn’t expecting you!  Thankfully I believe it will be just a dusting.

Dear Work:  A good learning experience last night–seeing a temporary pacemaker placed was cool!

Dear Co-Workers:  My stomach is STILL sore from all the laughing we did at work last night 🙂

Dear Warmer Weather: I’m so ready for you.  Can’t wait for when I don’t have to bundle up with scarves and gloves anymore.

Dear Grocery Shopping Budget: I have been SLAMMING you lately!  I’m on fire…I’m amazed that I’ve been able to feed us VERY well the last two months for less than $200/month!

Dear Scale: I hope you continue to be good to me this week.

Dear Friday: Looking forward to seeing Kimm’s parents and brother and celebrating some birthdays…should be fun!

Dear Downton Abbey:  Can’t wait to start Season Three tonight!  I was a bit bummed when I found out Season Three did not stream for free on Amazon or Comcast, but I see that I can watch you via PBS.  This makes me a happy girl!



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