Sunday’s Letter’s, 2013: Week 8

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dear Sunday: Thanks for being such a relaxing day 🙂

Dear Survivor:  Fans vs. Favorites…you are already starting out good!

Dear Snow:  THANK YOU for not making an appearance…so glad to NOT be shoveling this morning!

Dear Scale:  You have hit a stand still and are holding hard…you will not beat me.

Dear Wine:  You tasted might-y fine last night (Sweet Red by Barefoot)…AND made playing Parcheesi MUCH more fun.

Dear Upstairs Bathroom Sink:  You are draining like a dream right now and that is making me incredibly happy.

Dear Sun:  It’s been quite a while, you can show your face again.

Dear Work:  Crossing my fingers for a good week.

Dear Co-Worker:  THANK YOU for your offer of a new stethoscope…so unexpected and gracious…here I was looking at spending at least $50, up to $100, and now I can sock that money away for something else.

Dear Downton Abbey:  Second season, just as gripping as the first!  Halfway done.

Dear Ice Cream:  You tasted SO good yesterday…why do you have to be so FULL of calories??!!

Dear Filing: UGH.  I must get to you this week.

Dear Week:  Let’s make it a good one…with some accountable goals…1) get through studying Respiratory, 2) finish going through all clothes (keep/donate), 3) file ONE hour, minimum, 4) put away Christmas/Birthday gifts still cluttering dining room, 5) sync iPhone and remove the majority of the over 1300 pics on my phone!!!!

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