We got a little snow :)

Saturday, February 2013

Can I just say again HOW GRATEFUL I am that I did not have to work this weekend!  Usually I have the luck of being on for every major snowstorm…this is one that I was scheduled off.

Thank goodness, because we got quite a bit of snow.

Yesterday before bed when I took Izzy out for her business right before bed, there was probably about a foot of snow.  I quickly shoveled a path out to our side yard, thinking, “this will help me tomorrow morning when I take Izzy out.”


When I woke up and opened the door, this is what I saw (and keep in mind, this is me already shoveling off the front porch).


At least two feet!   More like three feet in some spots with all the drifting!

Ugh.  But again, SO THANKFUL that I did not have to drive home this morning from work.

After breakfast, we headed outside.

I cleared the walkways, the edge of the driveway by the curb, and the front of the house by the mailbox…Kimm got to use the snowblower for the VERY FIRST TIME (!!!)  — she did the driveway.  It was so windy out, she was COVERED in snow!


This was the path I made for Izzy to go do her “business” this morning 🙂


A view to the right of our side door…it’s a LONG way to the fence!


I’m actually surprised we could still see the picnic table!


I just kept shoveling!  Little by little…


In front of the door to the garage…this door is about a foot off the ground, so snow about two feet high.


Got the gate to the driveway open!


That’s a LOT of snow on the side lawn!


The garage door opened on it’s own…about a foot and a half in the driveway…


Kimm getting the snow blower ready…it took about eight times to get it going!


I started on the driveway shoveling next to the curb so we would know how far to go with the snow blower!


There she goes!!!


It’s up past Kimm’s knees!


It’s a long driveway!


Making progress…


Oh, oh…this isn’t looking good!


Yep, at LEAST three feet leading from our front gate to the street…a wall of snow.


Not too bad, Kaye, not too bad!


Quite a snow bank.


Yes, I ALWAYS shovel in front of the mailbox…I think of our postal workers 🙂


All done with the driveway….GREAT JOB Kimm!!


While we were out there the plow came by!  So we are free whenever we need to get out 🙂

And want to know the best thing?

NOT having to scrape off the car!  SO NICE to be able to park in the garage!!


We got done in about an hour and a half…not bad at all.  I have to say, I’ve had MUCH worse times shoveling in the past…I really don’t mind shoveling, as long as I have the rest of the day to relax 🙂

Right now I’m sitting in the living room, snuggled in my blanket, listening to the wind howl and I’m smiling.

I can’t wait to enjoy the rest of the night in.

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