The Passing of Time

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lately I’ve been thinking so much about time…

About how time passes whether we are invested in how we spend it or not.

About how time passes whether we are having fun or filled with dread with what fills it.

About how time passes whether quickly or slowly.

About how we perceive the passage of time based on our emotions.

About how we never know how much time we have.

About how time doesn’t judge how you spend it.

About how everyone gets the same amount of time.

About how we can savor or waste time.

About how we can plan time or squander it.

Every day I wake up and my first thought is either…”today I have off” and my mood instantly brightens, or “today I have to work” and my mood darkens just a little.  This is truly something I must work on.  I don’t want so much of my time to be dreaded.  I do feel that I have a valuable job and that I do it well.  I must change my attitude and truly appreciate every moment of the time I have.  I can’t let other people (for example, my co-workers or the doctors who irritate me, influence my perception of MY time…it is only hurting me, not them!)

Another thought I generally have regarding time is, “there’s not enough…it goes by so fast…I’m not getting to enjoy it.”  Again, this is something I need to work on.  I need to carve out spaces in my time to truly enjoy what I enjoy doing.  Instead of feeling guilty about sitting and reading for an hour, I should feel grateful that I have the opportunity to lose myself in another world…the dishes will ALWAYS be there…the LAUNDRY will always be there.  I need to plan my time better so that I can fit in all the tasks that still need to be done, but also have time for fun as well.

I want to enjoy every moment I have so I need to be present in all moments!!

Some of how I spent my time over the past couple of days…

…cutting my  hair

…reading blogs


…grocery shopping

…reading a book


…watching Will and Grace

…making meals

…watching Music and Lyrics (LOVE that movie!)

…visiting with a neighbor while playing Skipbo and eating cheesecake

…talking with Kimm


All in all, I would have to say that I had a very good stretch off, even though of course initially I was going to say, I didn’t get much done and it went way too fast!


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