My Superbowl

Monday, February 4, 2013

So last night I watched the Superbowl for the first time ever.

And by “watched” I mean…I ate good food, I rated the commercials, and I listened to the pre-show and half-time show–I know the final score and who won, but I can’t say I really saw many plays…I was too busy entertaining myself with Facebook, blogs and Pinterest ūüôā

And I had a great time!

The food — pierogies, crescent rolls filled with mustard and cheese, taco dip, Chex mix, Sangria wine cooler, and chocolate!

The pre-game — I thought the Sandy Hook chorus singing America the Beautiful was so sweet, but I could have totally done without Jennifer Hudson…I really think she took away from the poignant moment those kids created

The National Anthem — a little slow, but I think Alicia Keyes has a beautiful voice…I am amazed that she was able to sing and play the piano at the same time

Commercials — let’s just say for the most part, they left a lot to be desired…it’s hard to believe that they cost so much to run…here’s a run down of my ratings…

FAVORITE: ¬†Budweiser’s The Clydesdales: “Brotherhood” — SUCH a tear-jerker!

WORST: Go Daddy’s Perfect Match (The Kiss) — seriously I didn’t even want to watch the full commercial…

FUNNIEST: Doritos Fashionista Daddy — watching all the dads dance at the princess party was priceless!!

MOST INSPIRATIONAL: Coke’s Open Happiness — there is GOOD in this world!

MOST FUN: Taco Bell’s Viva Young — proof that having fun can happen at any age!

MOST STUPID: Bud Light’s Voodoo Dolls featuring Stevie Wonder ¬†— ¬†just didn’t do it for me…

MOST CREATIVE: Tide’s Miracle Stain — LOVED the end!

MOST DANCE-ABLE: ¬†“Gangnam Style” Pistachios — catchy

MOST EARNEST: RAM Jeep, “God Made A Farmer” — gorgeous photos and heartfelt words, ¬†it really brings back memories of a simpler time

All in all there were about 40 commercials…here are a few more that deserve a shout out…

M&M’s Love Ballad “I Would Do Anything For Love” — or maybe not…

Doritos “Goat 4 Sale” — Dorito-eating goat…cute or crazy??

Oreo “Whisper Fight” — LOVED the library-themed whispering, especially the cop whispering through his megaphone!

Milk “Morning Run” — featuring The Rock…all in a day’s work

Hyundai, “It’s Better To¬†Be in Front” — SO MANY cute reasons why it is better to be driving in FRONT of someone rather than BEHIND them!!

Volkswagen, “Get Happy” — personally I loved the Jamaican accent and didn’t think it was offensive

Century 21, “Wedding” — shout out to Kimm’s place of employment

Kia Sorento, “Where Do Babies Come From” — very cute!!

Half-time show — Beyonce was OKAY. ¬†Definitely high-energy, she looked like she was having fun, and the special effects were CRAZY. ¬†But a bit too sexual for me AND I only knew two of the songs…I must be getting old!

Power outage — totally unexpected and made the game go way longer

Sibling rivalry — had to be tough, knowing if you won, your brother lost…a class act by both

Final score — Baltimore Ravens 34, San Francisco¬†49ers 31. ¬†Kimm was happy. ¬†She was rooting for the Ravens as one of the players on the 49ers has been actively homophobic in a few interviews and she was pissed.

Best part of the evening — spending time on the couch with my sweetie, “snuggling” and enjoying an episode of Elementary after the game!

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