A Good Day

Monday, January 21, 2013

There was nothing incredibly special about today, but it still was a very good day.  Sometimes you don’t need a day to be filled with big events to make it nice…for me, just having off of work was the best part!

I FINALLY washed the sheets today.  I won’t even tell you when they were last washed, I’m too embarrassed.

Took Izzy for a walk/run and then did my Arms/Abs Workout–

*for those who are interested here is what I do…

Arms–two sets of the following:

20 Bicep Curls

Biceps curl

25 Overhead Tricep Extensions

Overhead Triceps extension

15 Bicep Hammercurls

Biceps hammer curl


2 sets of 20 Side Bends (10 each side)

Side Bends

2 sets of 50 Sit Ups

Sit ups

2 one minute and ten second planks (one after each set of sit ups)


By the time I’m done I’m sweating like crazy.  I always feel really good when I’m done!!

Afterwards I took a shower and dressed in real people clothes 🙂

Got a nice chat in with my mom.

Watched a movie…“Trouble with the Curve”–I liked it!

Here’s hoping tomorrow is just as good!

What did you do today that made your day good?

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Sunday’s Letters, 2013: Week 3

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dear Work:  You are KILLING ME lately!!  Why so busy?  Why so many back-breaking heavy patients?  Why no time to chart or chat?  And then they wonder why I never answer the phone when they call me in for overtime!  Please slow down just a little, okay?

Dear Days Off:  I am SO looking forward to you…you have no idea!  Of course I’m sure I’ve planned way more than I can ever fit in, but that’s half the fun 🙂

Dear Weather:  Absolutely LOVING the sun lately!  I enjoy a cold sunny day so much more than a warm gray day!

Dear Walk/Runs: Oh run parts of my walks, you are testing me!  Some days my legs feel so light and free I could run forever (or at least until I run out of breath!), other days my legs feel like lead and I can barely even think about running…but I’m doing it!!  And it’s the best thing ever for clearing my head…no time for worrying or doubt when you are running and can only focus on breathing 🙂

Dear Scale:  You have been SO GOOD to me…it makes me feel so motivated to keep going.  I know there has been lots of hard work behind every weigh in and it’s so nice to see it reflected.

Dear Kimm:  I really had a lot of fun on our date night…can’t wait for the next one!!

Dear Starbucks:  Your Frappacinos are so delicious!!!

Dear Clutter:  I’m still working on you…you will be conquered!!

Dear Pinterest:  You are SO addicting!  I think I’ve finally figured out my first Pinterest project for the year…this Valentine’s Heart Banner looks simple and SO CUTE!!!

Valentine's Heart Banner

Dear Blogs:  I have been so inspired lately!  I have to mention a couple of blogs I’ve been loving lately…Life’s a Dance, A Healthy Slice of Life, Amazing in Motion, My Radical Commitment, Back to Her Roots, Roni’s Weigh…and these are just a few that bring me great joy in reading!

Dear Will and Grace:  You are not as funny in the later seasons as the first few…but don’t you worry…I’ll stick it out and watch you to the end…I have a crazy need to know how it all ends!

Dear Sheets:  You WILL get washed this week!

Dear Week:  Let’s make it a good one!!!!

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A Double…

Saturday, January 19, 2013

It was kind of like working a double last night…

7pm to 12 am — IMC –one discharge (haven’t done that in a blue moon), one admission, one very confused pt, one very angry pt…extremely busy, non-stop from the moment I got there until the moment I left

12 am to 7am –ICU –one pt, post op, steady work but also time to chat and still get my work done…so much better

FRUSTRATED with my work check…good thing I have been writing down my overtime.  This last paycheck was missing 2 hours of OT.  Sent a message to my supervisor and hopefully this will get worked out.   This is why I HATE just telling the secretary, “can you call the supervisor and tell her I’m leaving now” — you never really know if you were put in for the extra time.  Since this is the first time my paycheck has not been right I’m going to hope that this was just an error.  Time will tell.

Off to bed for me!  One more night and then THREE off!!!

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Friday Favorites…2013: Week 3

Friday, January 18, 2013

It’s bitterly cold here (to me at least!), but sunny (which totally makes up for it!)

I’ve continued my organizing–today’s task, the top drawer of my file cabinet which is usually strewn with a whole bunch of “who knows what??!!”  Today I took everything out and only put in what I use…I’m on a roll!

Back to work tonight…I’m hoping for two uneventful nights…they have been calling from the hospital every day looking for help…I guess we are still short on help with people out from the flu…I’m not sure I want to commit to anything yet as I want to keep myself rested and well…not to mention, my days off are what help me with my sanity!

Enjoy my favorites from around the web this week…

Favorite bowl:  Soup is what I’m craving lately and this Creamy Broccoli Soup looks delicious!

Broccoli Soup

Favorite bite:  Having a snack at night is one of my favorite routines…I’m always on the lookout for something new and different…Parmesan Ranch Snack Mix would cure my savory urges.

Parmesan Ranch Snack Mix

Favorite freebie:  I can’t wait to try out some free yoga classes from Yoga Download

Favorite dunk: Cake mix flavored dip???  Low calorie as well??  Count me in…Skinny Funfetti Cake Batter Dip Recipe…would be perfect for a girl’s night with fun dunkers–fruit, pretzels, Nilla wafters…mmmm!

Skinny Funfetti Cake Batter Dip

Favorite breakfast: Healthy Banana Waffles — can’t wait to make these in my waffle maker (thanks Mom and Dad!!)

Banana Waffles

Favorite sweet: I love lemon bars and the addition of cornstarch in the crust intrigues me!  I want to see if these really are…The Best Lemon Bars…they certainly look WONDERFUL!!!

Lemon Bars

Favorite unique ingredient recipe: Ginger Ale Blondies…never have I ever heard of this ingredient in a dessert…I love the outside of the box thinking!  I’m very eager to try these!  I LOVE a good blondie.

Favorite truths:


Nothing Easy...

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!!

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January Date Night: Barnes and Noble

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I’ve had a GREAT day!  Don’t you just love when you feel that way at the end of the day??

Most days my “to do” list is way too long, meaning many things get moved to the next day, and the same thing happened today, but somehow, I feel satisfied.  I know I did more than I usually did AND I could see results…always a good thing!

So let’s see, what happened?

Up and at ’em after sleeping in…ahh…love having no alarm 🙂

First things first…my weigh-in….DOWN THREE POUNDS!!!!!!  YES!!!!!  I was wicked surprised, and very proud.  This is over 15 pounds since Thanksgiving, and over the holidays, and with just having cake and ice cream for my birthday.  I am beginning to think that my reduced portion sizes really are helping 🙂

Then on to coffee and my half of an English muffin with peanut butter, enjoyed while reading blogs and Pinteresting!

A quick trip to the library to pick up books I have on hold…5 total…I really have to make time for reading coming up!

Weekly finance meeting with Kimm…all is going well…I forgot that we get paid FIVE times this month…whoopie!!!!  We shall be saving quite a bit this month.

Lunch–grilled cheese with Goldfish crackers on the side, a brownie for dessert!

Organizing after lunch…FINALLY…I’ve been meaning to start ever since January 1st!  Today was the day.  I attacked both of my bookcases…took everything out, dusted, rearranged…I like it MUCH better…a new look, a fresh start and now I am energized to organize more!!











My arms and abs workout, a shower and then dinner…tacos!  LOVE!   With half a banana and a brownie for dessert, all while watching Will and Grace.

Then it was time for Date Night #1–Barnes and Noble.  Which was essentially free for us since we used a gift card I got by earning points by using my American Express card…bonus!!  We are really essentially simple people…we just love going to Barnes and Noble, browsing the books, coming into the cafe, drinking a Frappacino (last night was Peppermint Mocha!), looking through books and magazines, exchanging thoughts and ideas from what we are looking at, finding cheaper places to buy books that we like, and then heading home…if you’ve never tried it for a date night, I highly recommend 🙂

After getting home, we watched a few more episodes of Will and Grace and then headed to bed…

The day was a good mix of getting things done and having fun…these kind of days just make me smile 🙂

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No to Tamiflu

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The month is halfway over already.  It seems unbelievable almost.

Last night at work was busy, but very tolerable.  I don’t mind busy, I just don’t like CRAZY busy or mean doctors.  I’m easy to please, I think!

After giving report I headed off to the Work Connection to see about maybe getting a prescription for Tamiflu for the flu outbreak in our ICU.  We are still a masked unit and our manager asked everyone, even healthy individuals to stop in and see if we wanted to get Tamiflu.  I heard from other co-workers that the hospital is going to reimburse.  However, I still declined.

I feel as if I’m healthy, I haven’t had much exposure to the co-workers that definitely were diagnosed with the flu, and I don’t like taking meds unless I really feel I have to.  The nurse at the Work Connection said that if I develop symptoms (fever, cough, chills) that I can come back and get a prescription then.

I think I’ll take my chances.

So far I’m just tired.  So I’ll just sleep 🙂

Got snow last night…about five inches I would say.  Took extra time to get home, first with having to scrape the car (ugh!) and then driving slower due to some slippery spots.  Shoveled the walkway when I got home…wet and heavy (double ugh).  So glad to have a cup of coffee and get to bed.

A low-carb night tonight as I want to weigh in tomorrow.  Big salad with spinach, red leaf lettuce, celery, mushrooms, broccoli, a hard-boiled egg, and shredded cheese.  Very filling.

Relaxing by reading blogs now and we plan on watching The Words tonight…can’t wait!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today I finally took a day to rest and recuperate…and it sure felt good.

I did get up early as Kimm had an early class.  I took the time to catch up reading all my blogs and writing all the blogs I had put off since last week.  Feels good to be caught up.

I had thought maybe I would take Izzy for a walk and do an arm/ab workout later in the afternoon, but instead I slept from 1 pm to 3:30 pm and I’m so glad I did…my body really needed it.  Our unit at work has been bombarded with the flu and I want to do everything I can to prevent myself from getting it.  So rest it was!

After work tomorrow I’m going to be stopping by our Work Connection.  They are recommending that everyone in our unit take Tamiflu prophylactically.  I’ll have to read up on the med and the side effects and see if the hospital is going to be paying for it…unfortunately if they don’t, I probably won’t take it.  But I’ll see what they say first.

Here’s REALLY hoping that tonight is a much better night at work than they have been.  Fingers crossed!

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The Big 4-0

Monday, January 14th, 2013

I can’t believe that I am 40 years old.  I know I blog often about how fast the time seems to be going lately, but it REALLY does just fly by.

I remember thinking when I was 35, “I’m halfway to 40” and about all the big plans I wanted to have done by the time that age hit.

Know what?

I still am overweight.  I still am not married.  I still have not gotten pregnant.

And you know what else?

Even though I do feel a tinge of disappointment that I am not “together enough” or “determined enough” or “strong enough” to get my life together, I also realize (maybe it’s my wisdom that comes from getting older)…


I am better than I was!

I may still be overweight…but I have lost over 10 pounds since Thanksgiving…and continue to lose and this time I feel so different…I feel like THIS IS MY TIME.

I may not be married…but I am with someone I love tremendously.  We have held off on marriage because we often think of what others think, more than how we feel.  So this may be the year…as I get older I also realize that I CAN’T PLEASE EVERYBODY…and IT’S REALLY NOT HEALTHY TO TRY.  So often I want to make others happy before myself.  Why is that?  Why am I not important??

I may never have gotten pregnant…and I may never.   And if that is the case…that is OKAY too.  This is something that I really need to deeply think about.  I always thought I wanted children and maybe when I was younger this would have been an impulsive easy decision.  But by being gay, there’s always more thought involved in this decision.  Am I ready?  I don’t know…financially we are just making it.  I don’t know if I want to have the responsibility, the work, the craziness…but then sometimes I do.  This will take a lot more thought.  And that’s okay.

As I reflect on the start of my 40th year of life I think…THIS IS MY YEAR.

The year to DO.



I’m very excited about this year…

This year’s birthday was very low-key.  Every other year I have always had off for my birthday, but this year I worked the night before which meant I turned 40 at work…and it was busy, busy, busy.  A good portion of our staff is out sick with the flu.  We are a masked unit (did you ever wear a mask for over 12 hours??!!! NOT FUN!).  I stayed late to help with staffing issues and to earn a little OT.  I agreed to stay until 9 am, but of course that meant that I got out at 10:30!  Home by 11 and by that time, really laid down for just a quick nap 🙂

A walk/run with Izzy before dinner…which was pizza and fries…SO GOOD!



My sweetie did good (and went WAY over budget this year!)…

2 books

$25 iTunes Gift Certificate (more music!!)

$25 Amazon Gift Certificate (books for my new Kindle!!)

5 framed “inspirational” quote prints (I was so amazed and proud of her for this…it took thought, it took time, it took craftiness!)

I loved it all 🙂



Will and Grace was watched…loved all the laughs…SO NEEDED!

I was blessed with birthday blessings from multiple friends on Facebook and a phone call from my parents…my mom also can’t believe how fast the time has gone…

Here’s to an AWESOME year!!!  Bring on the 40s (as my friend Sarah said, “they ARE the new 30s!!!!)

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Sunday’s Letters, 2013: Week 2

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dear Birthday: You are almost here!  The BIG 4-0!!  I’m been dreading you for a while, but I think I’ve finally made peace with the fact that I am getting older.  And thus wiser!  Can’t wait for some birthday fun…cake and ice cream will be nice too!!

Dear Work: SERIOUSLY…you are kicking my butt lately.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a breather during the night.  Whoever tells me that working nights is “so easy” I’m going to stick my tongue out to them!

Dear Flu Virus: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pass me by.  Many of my co-workers are contaminated and I’m doing my best to stay well…rest, hydration, hand-washing, repeat.

Dear Scale:  Keep being nice to me!  I would appreciate another loss this week.

Dear Weather: LOVING the lack of snow and the spring-like days!

Dear Clutter: I’m coming for you SOON…

Dear Hair:  A haircut is in the very near future…

Dear Kimm:  I’m LOVING our rhythm lately…life is good 🙂

Dear Unwritten 2012 Blog Posts:  You may have think you’ve won…watch out…I’m on a roll!

Here’s to a great week everyone!!!!

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“Game” Night

Saturday, January 12, 2013

(documented Sunday 1/13/13)

Last night was “game” night at a co-worker’s house.

Kimm and I had planned on going all along, but then of course, we were feeling reluctant right beforehand…the long drive…the fog…feeling sleepy after eating dinner…we are FULL of excuses when we just want to stay in!

But we were both SO glad that we went.

We had a ton of fun.

As usual there were no “games”…unless you count drinking games 🙂

We had A LOT to drink!

Sangrias…shots…margaritas…(have not been that drunk in a LONG time).

Lots of laughs, lots of rehashing work stories, lots of good food (FRUIT DIP to DIE for!!)

We were out til 2 am…it was a blast…thanks Kimm for driving home!!

I would say a successful first friend get-together of the new year!!!

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