Chilly in New England

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It is cold, cold, cold outside.

Single digits, but below zero with the windchill.  Definitely NOT my kind of weather.  So thankful for a warm and cozy home.

Since it was too cold to go outside for a walk, all of my efforts were concentrated inside today…and boy did I get a lot done!

–first of all, slept in!  (needed it, and felt wonderful)

–coffee and blog reading, as usual

–wrote 4 blogs from back in 2012 (yep, I’m still catching up)

–filed (AGAIN!)–almost done actually!!!

–made Tortellini Soup for dinner

–arms/abs workout

–dyed my hair (medium auburn…need to cover all that gray)

–read a good chunk of my next book

–did all the dishes

–ate lunch while watching an episode of Will and Grace (fried egg, cucumber and tomato salad, glass of orange juice, small peanut butter tree)

Not bad!

Now I’m just relaxing a bit before dinner and hoping (fingers DOUBLE crossed for a good night at work).

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