Sunday’s Letters, 2013: Week 3

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dear Work:  You are KILLING ME lately!!  Why so busy?  Why so many back-breaking heavy patients?  Why no time to chart or chat?  And then they wonder why I never answer the phone when they call me in for overtime!  Please slow down just a little, okay?

Dear Days Off:  I am SO looking forward to you…you have no idea!  Of course I’m sure I’ve planned way more than I can ever fit in, but that’s half the fun 🙂

Dear Weather:  Absolutely LOVING the sun lately!  I enjoy a cold sunny day so much more than a warm gray day!

Dear Walk/Runs: Oh run parts of my walks, you are testing me!  Some days my legs feel so light and free I could run forever (or at least until I run out of breath!), other days my legs feel like lead and I can barely even think about running…but I’m doing it!!  And it’s the best thing ever for clearing my head…no time for worrying or doubt when you are running and can only focus on breathing 🙂

Dear Scale:  You have been SO GOOD to me…it makes me feel so motivated to keep going.  I know there has been lots of hard work behind every weigh in and it’s so nice to see it reflected.

Dear Kimm:  I really had a lot of fun on our date night…can’t wait for the next one!!

Dear Starbucks:  Your Frappacinos are so delicious!!!

Dear Clutter:  I’m still working on you…you will be conquered!!

Dear Pinterest:  You are SO addicting!  I think I’ve finally figured out my first Pinterest project for the year…this Valentine’s Heart Banner looks simple and SO CUTE!!!

Valentine's Heart Banner

Dear Blogs:  I have been so inspired lately!  I have to mention a couple of blogs I’ve been loving lately…Life’s a Dance, A Healthy Slice of Life, Amazing in Motion, My Radical Commitment, Back to Her Roots, Roni’s Weigh…and these are just a few that bring me great joy in reading!

Dear Will and Grace:  You are not as funny in the later seasons as the first few…but don’t you worry…I’ll stick it out and watch you to the end…I have a crazy need to know how it all ends!

Dear Sheets:  You WILL get washed this week!

Dear Week:  Let’s make it a good one!!!!

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