January Date Night: Barnes and Noble

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I’ve had a GREAT day!  Don’t you just love when you feel that way at the end of the day??

Most days my “to do” list is way too long, meaning many things get moved to the next day, and the same thing happened today, but somehow, I feel satisfied.  I know I did more than I usually did AND I could see results…always a good thing!

So let’s see, what happened?

Up and at ’em after sleeping in…ahh…love having no alarm 🙂

First things first…my weigh-in….DOWN THREE POUNDS!!!!!!  YES!!!!!  I was wicked surprised, and very proud.  This is over 15 pounds since Thanksgiving, and over the holidays, and with just having cake and ice cream for my birthday.  I am beginning to think that my reduced portion sizes really are helping 🙂

Then on to coffee and my half of an English muffin with peanut butter, enjoyed while reading blogs and Pinteresting!

A quick trip to the library to pick up books I have on hold…5 total…I really have to make time for reading coming up!

Weekly finance meeting with Kimm…all is going well…I forgot that we get paid FIVE times this month…whoopie!!!!  We shall be saving quite a bit this month.

Lunch–grilled cheese with Goldfish crackers on the side, a brownie for dessert!

Organizing after lunch…FINALLY…I’ve been meaning to start ever since January 1st!  Today was the day.  I attacked both of my bookcases…took everything out, dusted, rearranged…I like it MUCH better…a new look, a fresh start and now I am energized to organize more!!











My arms and abs workout, a shower and then dinner…tacos!  LOVE!   With half a banana and a brownie for dessert, all while watching Will and Grace.

Then it was time for Date Night #1–Barnes and Noble.  Which was essentially free for us since we used a gift card I got by earning points by using my American Express card…bonus!!  We are really essentially simple people…we just love going to Barnes and Noble, browsing the books, coming into the cafe, drinking a Frappacino (last night was Peppermint Mocha!), looking through books and magazines, exchanging thoughts and ideas from what we are looking at, finding cheaper places to buy books that we like, and then heading home…if you’ve never tried it for a date night, I highly recommend 🙂

After getting home, we watched a few more episodes of Will and Grace and then headed to bed…

The day was a good mix of getting things done and having fun…these kind of days just make me smile 🙂

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