The One with the Resolutions!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Well I am finally getting at my post where I talk about my 2013 resolutions.  Better late than never.

I decided this year to focus on 13 categories (2013…13…get it!  I’m a nerd like that)

And within each category, 3 goals for the year (2013…3…need I say more…)

So here goes…



1–Walk with Izzy 100 days of the year

2–Do a 2-min plank (currently majorly struggling with a 1-min plank)

3–Lose 3 lbs/month, for a total of 36 lbs this year (more would be a plus)



1–Get my Critical Care Certification

2–Update my resume

3–Focus on really knowing one skill/month (ex: Bronchoscopy, intubation, a-line, etc)



1–one date night/month

2–better communication (Kimm and I both tend to be the type of person who holds things in, especially when we think the other person may be hurt by what we might say, of course this leads to both of us eventually cracking and saying things in a mean, hurtful way, and then obviously, the other person feels hurt and defensive…SO…we both want to focus on 1) telling each other what we truly feel in a mindful manner, 2) if we are on the receiving end of a comment, not taking it personally and not becoming defensive and then passive-aggressive in our behavior, and 3) if we do get into a spat, taking the time to step back, remove the emotional part of it, and realize, we love that person, we want to move past this, and determine how steps can be made toward that end so that everyone involved feels like the issue is resolved…WOW…that one is going to be a work in progress I can tell…but an oh, so important work in progress!)

3–plan(and go on!) two day-trips!!!



1–staying better in touch with my loved ones via telephone calls, texts or letters

2–having a get-together with friends once/month

3–remembering and using people’s names!!!! (I have THE worst habit of not remembering people’s names and always being very generic in my greetings, etc because I’m too embarrassed to ask for the name again)



1–refinance the mortgage to a lower payment

2–pay off 1/2 of my school loan

3–work up to saving 8% of each paycheck (currently started the year saving 5%)



1–re-do the small bath (paint, new floor, new vanity and toilet, new mirror)

2–re-do the entry way (paint, artwork, organization)

3–new solution for keeping the cats from the top of the stairs at night (something easy and beautiful I’m hoping…if you could see what we do now…trellis, books in plastic bags and an old baby gate are not cutting it anymore for this gal!)



1–continue with my Friday favorites…I love this!

2–start and continue Sunday letters…I really like this start of the week

3–update my blog!! (with tabs and all!)



1–get rid of 365 things (one item/day)

2–finally file ALL my paperwork (develop and maintain a filing system that works for me!!!!)

3–develop a new budget book



1–donate $25 four times/year

2–volunteer at least one day

3–do a walk for a cause I’m passionate about



1–read 26 books

2–do one Pinterest craft project/month

3–watch LOST from start to finish!!



1–get new glasses

2–get rid of all clothes I do not love!!!!

3–dress in REAL clothes on my days off, not just sweats!!! (at least wait for the sweats until after dinner!!!)



1–try 2 new recipes/month

2–create a recipe binder for our favorite recipes for easy reference

3–try six new foods!!!



1–learn how to knit again

2–learn how to do yoga

3–learn about finance (mutual funds, stocks, etc)


I’m SO EXCITED about this year…I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one…

Any New Year’s Resolutions you want to share??



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