2013–My Word

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ahh…I feel like the new year is flying by already!!  I had big plans to reveal my New Year’s Resolutions before now and of course, I didn’t!

I’ve been thinking, thinking and thinking some more about how I wanted to approach this year.  I know a lot of people eschew resolutions, say they don’t stick to them, don’t want to feel like a failure when they don’t meet them, but I personally LIKE to think of each year as a REALLY fresh beginning.  I think it is my generally positive attitude that allows me to always see the good in the unknown.  I even feel good about each new day as I feel like I have the ability to make it whatever I want (even though many days seem to be filled with mundane tasks).

Anyways, I STILL do have resolutions which I will be sharing with you soon, but I saw the concept I’m about to share with you on the Susannah Conway blog.  She has chosen a word to guide her through her year for the past five years and when I was reading her post, something about it really struck me.  I wanted a word to guide me!  Often times even though I have lots of resolutions/goals/ideas, I kind of get lost in them because they are so numerous, and they often change.  But with one word, I can still have all that, but continue to focus on that word to guide my thoughts, my plans and my actions.

As I was walking with Izzy today I kept thinking…what should my word be?  What do I need to work on?  What overarching theme should guide my year??

At first I thought “simplicity” because I really want to simplify my life in so many areas.  But then the more I thought about it, that word didn’t seem to be as encompassing as I wanted the word to be.

So then I started to think about all the times I felt unhappy during the year, and what caused that unhappiness and how I could choose a word that would help me be even more happy.

When I am unhappy, it generally is because I am 1) jealous of what other people have (and not just physical things but also qualities, strengths, talents), 2) impatient (I feel like I’m always rushing but not getting anywhere with so many things), or 3) angry (many times over very silly little things…that I have to work so much, that I don’t have enough money, that things in life seem so hard…).

As I was thinking about all that, my word came to me…


appreciate —  1) to be grateful or thankful for; 2) to value or regard highly; 3) to be fully conscious of, be aware of; 4) to raise in value

Oh this word is a good word for  me.

I have SO MUCH that I am grateful/thankful for, but yet there is so much that I simply take for granted.  I don’t always appreciate the little things…sure I may not be rich, but I always have food in my belly (and plenty of it!), a roof over my head (a very nice one!), and the love of many people.  This year I want to be more fully aware of how much I really do have to be thankful for…especially when I have that “poor me” attitude.

And to value or regard highly…there is so much in this world that I can value…the beauty of nature, the taste of good food, the sound of good music…and that’s only to name a few.  And the fact that I have all my senses to be able to appreciate so many things is amazing.  This year I want to truly begin to appreciate everything that I can.

To be aware…to be conscious of…this one was tough for me…but I realized I can appreciate (be aware) of how lucky I am…I can take myself out of any daily mundane task and realize that I have the ability to make it dull or make it an experience.  I am aware that I have the ability to make any change I want to make my life better and I am the only one that can do that.  I am aware that I am in charge of my life.  During this year, whenever I feel like things are “always the same” or “he/she’s so lucky” I need to be aware that I am not taking charge of my own life…if I don’t like something, I need to make changes.

And on that note…my life can thus appreciate….increase in value.  As I think about what I want for my life, and make the changes that will bring me to that end, my life WILL appreciate, WILL have more value to me.  What an amazing concept.

Oh I have a feeling this year is going to be good!!!  I can’t wait.

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