Welcome, 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Maybe it’s cheesy, but I just LOVE a new year!

Fresh and full of nothing but possibilities!!

Of course I rang in the New Year working (my holiday on this year).  At least I wasn’t wiping any butts at midnight 🙂  I told everyone I was working with, we had to be out of patient’s rooms at midnight!

All in all, it was a good night of work for the first night of work in the new year.  STEADY busy, not CRAZY busy.  I’ve been trying very hard my  last couple of nights at work to really work on making my documentation more concise.  And I have to say, I think it is making a difference in my attitude at work.  I’m working on documenting primarily the problems and then a short shift evaluation at the end.  I keep telling myself, if it’s documented in the shift assessment, I’m not going to repeat the information in a note, unless it is a problem for the patient.  Just so much less stress that way.

I actually got out of work at 7:10 am…hardly ever happens, so I was super happy.   Stopped on the way home to get gas (first purchase of the new year!) and then a quick breakfast and then bed…felt so wonderful.

After about 7 hours of sleep, I woke up feeling REFRESHED.

Did an arm and ab workout in the basement, showered and then made dinner. I was going low-carb since I want to weigh in tomorrow morning.  Anything I can do to get the number moving down!

Two scrambled eggs with cheese, a large salad with spinach, green leaf lettuce, celery, and broccoli.  As Kimm said, “that’s one green salad!”  It was good!  Almonds for dessert.

Computer time…working on resolutions (yes…they are coming!!)…and then watching a movie, “The Devil’s Arithmetic”–a story about a girl who has a “who cares” attitude about her family’s Jewish ancestry, until she is transported into a Nazi concentration camp where she learns firsthand what suffering is.  A very riveting movie, highly recommended.

Tonight was our last night with the Christmas tree 😦  I’m quite sad about this somehow this year.  I LOVE our tree, I LOVE sitting in the living room at night with the tree lighting up the room, I LOVE all of our ornaments…


Goodbye beautiful tree…

It was a very nice first day of the new year…here’s hoping for many more quiet, simple days…

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  1. Happy New Year Kaye! I took my tree down today. It made me a little sad too. Normally I can’t wait to take it down, but this year I really loved my tree even though it’s the same as every other year. I also had a calm New Year’s Eve at work. We were full which meant no admissions.

    That movie does sound interesting. I just checked Netflix and it’s DVD only. Of course we have the instant access.

    That’s a good plan for documenting. It is said that less is best. I hope you’re second day of 2013 was just as good as the first.

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