An “Old-Fashioned” Workout

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Another Christmas has come and gone…:)

It was lovely (I’ll share soon) but now I kind of feel let down…all the build-up and excitement of Christmas went by so fast!!

But now it is on to getting ready for the new year…I have LOTS to do.  AS USUAL!!

Today felt busy even though I know I didn’t do too much.

Coffee and a bagel and reading blogs 🙂 (haven’t really had time to read too many blogs lately so this was VERY nice)

Balancing the checkbook, paying bills, determining how much we saved/went over on our November budget (we went over budget by about $150…not too bad, and yes I’m just now getting that done…don’t even ASK ME about December…that is the task for Saturday…I may need a drink while I do it!)

Guacamole for lunch while watching Will and Grace…a nice break with laughs

Shoveling for an hour…UGH.  That snow we got last night was HEAVY.  I would say we probably got about 3 inches but it started raining during the night and therefore it was very heavy.  I shoveled it all because we weren’t sure if we could snow blow such wet stuff.    So needless to say, I was SWEATING a ton…my clothes were soaking wet by the time I came in.  That sure was an “old-fashioned” workout!

Now a shower and getting ready for work.

Kimm was busy too catching up with laundry!  Back to real life for sure.

Tonight thankfully we will be having leftovers from Christmas for dinner so no extra meal prep for me!  And then to work.  I HOPE this shift will go by quickly.  Thankfully only one night on 🙂

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!

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