Clogged Sink

Monday, December 24, 2012

Ack!!!  Christmas Eve already!

A busy, busy day…

…went grocery shopping

…took Izzy for a walk

…made Chex Mix for Kimm to have with her brother tonight while they watch Christmas movies

…made cranberries for Christmas dinner

…made carrots with a butter brown sugar sauce for Christmas dinner

Even though it was hectic, everything was going okay…UNTIL…

…doing the dishes before going to work and the kitchen sink clogs!!!!


DAMN carrot peels.

I had been putting carrot peels and other food product trash down the disposal and all of a sudden instead of it going down it started draining water up into the sink.

We tried putting a bunch of baking soda and vinegar down to unclog it–didn’t help a bit.

Finally I had to leave for work and the sink remained clogged.

Ugh.  What a thing to deal with on Christmas Eve.

I hope this is not a foretelling of how my night will be at work…

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