It’s creeping up!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas is coming!!

You wouldn’t know it by the weather here (sunny and mild, mid 40s!) but Christmas is creeping up on us.

Even though I dislike snow in general, I would LOVE for it to snow before Christmas.

So I can’t believe that my two days off are already gone!!!  Of course two days off really means two 1/2 days and one full day.  Considering I spent the first 1/2 day relaxing mostly, the full day out-and-about shopping, and this 1/2 day online shopping/walking Izzy/watching Survivor…I guess the time gets spent pretty easy!

Thankfully I only have to work two days and then I have FIVE days off!!  Hopefully time to catch up on everything…candy making, gift wrapping, Christmas movie watching, last-minute shopping…and fitting in seeing The Nutcracker, going to a Christmas tree party, and celebrating our neighbor’s birthday at a surprise party!  It’s going to be full, but fun I’m sure!

Now off for a nap!

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