Should have called out…

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So remember how I said, “it’s only one night of work…I can do anything for 12 hours”


Last night was hell.

I started with one patient that was very restless and very sweaty.  After multiple full bed baths and calling the doctor to finally get some medicine which settled the guy, then I get an admission right at midnight.  Just when I was hoping to take a quick little break, my first break of the evening.

No such luck.

By the time the patient was picked up, medicated, peppered with questions for his admission, and settled it was 1:30 am.

Almost time for a break??

Nope, because then THAT patient became EVEN MORE anxious and restless than the other patient (who was thankfully still sleeping).

So much so that I was on the phone multiple times with the doctor and the doctor finally came in and wouldn’t you know it, not even five minutes after the doctor comes in, the patient is calm!  IRKS ME TO NO END.  The meds must have finally caught up with him.

But by this time it is 3:30 am.  Finally a very short break and then rushing to get my midnight assessments in, my admission in, catch up on documenting notes.

Needless to say, it was non-stop and not in a good way.  There were so many times I kept asking myself, “Why does this happen to me??”

And to top it all off, I forgot to take my cold medicine at midnight, so about 4 am, I become so congested and sniffly I feel like death…SO MISERABLE.

7 am could not come quick enough.

I was so happy to leave.

Home to bed and I slept like a baby.

Looking back, I should have called out!

But now I have three days off.

Today I started out with a walk with Izzy.  Crazy, but now that I’ve been doing more walks with her, it’s becoming to be like my “me” time.  I think I’m actually starting to look forward to it.  Even though I still hate the “getting ready” part.  I did some walk/jog alternations and came home a sweaty mess.

Dinner and a nap followed…now we’re relaxing a bit with computer time and then will watch another Christmas movie!

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